Behaeltervolumen-01 55 l Hopper capacity
Antrieb-02 Manual Drive
Arbeitsbreite 0.5 – 5 m Working width

K51 Spreader Cart - the high-quality all-rounder

The "little RAUCH" with 60 kg payload and just 29 kg unladen weight. An ideal solution for every kind of application:

Ideal for narrow spreading widths of 0.5 m and wide spreading widths of up to 5.0 m. The easily-accessible operating lever allows for smooth quantity adjustment in fine increments. Simple, precise edge spreading via a one-sided adjustment of the spreading width limiter.

The spreader discs and the agitator are driven by two wheels to ensure even scattering when cornering.

Typical RAUCH:

High-quality gearboxes and important parts all made of stainless steel such as the container floor, gates, spreading discs, spreading width limiter and spreader vanes.

Model variants K 51

K 51Spreader cart with ground wheel drive


  • Simple spreading quantity adjustment

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    The easily-accessible control lever allows the flow rate to be finely adjusted. Simple, precise edge spreading via a one-sided adjustment of the spreading width limiter.

  • Highly efficient agitator

    The agitator ensures a continuous flow of fertiliser.

  • Separately adjustable right/left spreading width

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    Simple, precise spreading near borders is done using a one-sided, manual adjustment of the spreading width limiter. Spreading at the border is thus possible on both the right and left side.

  • High-quality studded wheels

    The high-quality pneumatic tyres (26 x 8 cm) ensure a slip-resistant drive, easy handling and superior ride comfort.


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Hopper cover | K 51

The optional PVC container cover with large inspection window for level control protects the spreading material from dirt and moisture.

Technical data and equipment

Model variantK 51
Basic machine
Working width [ m ]0.5 – 5
Hopper volume [ l ]55
Max. capacity [ kg ]60
Container size [ cm ]58 x 54
Filling height [ cm ]73
Filling width [ cm ]55
Empty weight [ kg ]29
Track width [ cm ]58 x 58