Behaeltervolumen-01 250 l Hopper capacity
Antrieb-02 M-Drive / H-Drive Drive
Arbeitsbreite 0.8 – 6 m Working width

SA 250 winter spreader

No compromises when it comes to safety

RAUCH SA winter spreaders stand for operational safety and power in any weather.

Steep funnel walls ensure that grit gets out problem-free. Specially-developed agitators ensure the trouble-free spreading of salt, grit, sand, fertiliser and seeds.

Special feature:

The SA 250 disc spreaders are equipped with a rotatable container floor. This ultimately serves to fine-tune the accuracy of the spreading material distribution and contributes significantly to ensuring the precise spreading of the grit.

Model variants SA 250

SA 250Driven by cardan shaft
SA 360 hydraulic motorDriven by hydraulic motor
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Lighting with warning sign

High-quality LED headlights, integrated in the warning signs, ensure more safety on the road.

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Spreader apron

Spreader apron for protection against splashing water

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Mechanical remote control

Push-pull cable with adjustment lever and mounting parts

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Electrical remote control

Electric remote control for joint adjustment of the spreading width limitation left and right.

Hydraulic remote control
Hydraulic remote control
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Hopper cover | SA

The optional PVC container cover protects the spreading material from dirt and moisture.

Technical data and equipment

Model variantSA 250SA 360 hydraulic motor
Basic machine
Working width [ m ]0.8 – 60.8 – 6
Hopper volume [ l ]250250
Max. capacity [ kg ]500500
Container size [ cm ]88 x 9188 x 91
Filling height [ cm ]107107
Filling width [ cm ]7777
Empty weight [ kg ]110110
Tractor attachmentThree-point category IThree-point category I
DriveM drive: Universal drive shaft with shear bolt 540 rpmH drive: Hydraulic demand 25 l/min.
Slide actuation/quantity regulationMechanical metering slide, Electrical metering slide, Hydraulic metering slideMechanical metering slide, Electrical metering slide, Hydraulic metering slide