Behaeltervolumen-01 1,500 l Hopper capacity
Antrieb-02 H-Drive Drive
Arbeitsbreite 2 – 8 m Working width

TAXON 25.1 – precision in spreading

TAXON 25.1 rounds off the top of the range of the RAUCH winter service success program. As a precision spreader with forced feeding via the screw conveyor, it is the ideal partner for municipal winter services. With a container volume of 1,500 litres, TAXON sets standards in distribution accuracy, elegant ease of use and flexibility in spreading. The screw conveyor system replaces conventional agitators and ensures even, clean container emptying and, thanks to the hydraulically driven spreading disc, precise spreading. This enables maximum operational security when it matters.

Model variants TAXON 25.1

TAXON 25.1Hydraulic drive via tractor hydraulics, electronic operation with EcoTron
TAXON 25.1 plusHydraulic drive via tractor hydraulics, electronic operation with EcoTron plus prepared for VariSpread electronic spread pattern adjustment and data interface


  • EcoTron

    Compact efficiency

    The EcoTron on-board computer is characterized by its intuitive operation and its high-resolution graphic display with night mode. EcoTron enables simple, clear monitoring of the entire spreading process and automatically regulates the spreading rate depending on the driving speed. The spread rate in g / m² and the spreading width in m can be easily adjusted using two rotary knobs.

  • EcoTron plus

    Intelligent ease of use

    In addition to the functions of the EcoTron, the EcoTron plus operating terminal offers the option of using the VariSpread electronic spread pattern controller. With the serial RS 232 interface, in combination with the Fleet-15 GPS package, all operating data can be professionally saved, documented and analysed.

  • Dosierschnecke

    Reliable automatic feeding

    The TAXON is distinguished by automatic feeding via a screw. As a result, the feed quantity is determined based on the speed of the screw conveyor, regardless of the pouring properties of the spreading material. Our feeding system is based on a flexible screw with a 2-stage pitch. An additional metering disc ensures a uniform mass flow, the precise accuracy of which is ensured by a closed control loop: The system regulates the target-actual comparison with an exact and constant screw speed.

    The screw drive is hydraulic and is completely closed and maintenance-free.

  • Eco-Hydraulikblock

    Sustainable technology

    The Eco hydraulic block, for controlling the feeding screw and the spreading disc, can be found under the easily accessible maintenance flap in the rear. The special technology enables an approximately 20% higher efficiency to save energy and reduce oil heating. Manual operation enables simple emergency operation.

  • VariSpread TAXON

    Adjustment of the spreading pattern symmetry

    The manual (or optionally, with EcoTron plus, electronically remote-controlled) swivelling of the spreading disc changes the application area of the spreading material on the spreading disc. This makes it easy to vary the scatter symmetry. VariSpread can be used, for example, when an entire road is to be sprinkled from the right edge of the lane. Environmental pollution caused by overspreading on the reduced side is avoided right from the start. VariSpread increases economic efficiency and protects the environment.


Rotary beacon

Provides an additional security

ESBV - electronic spreading pattern adjustment

Only in conjunction with EcoTron plus, the pivoting of the spreading disc can be optionally set using an electric actuating cylinder. For asymmetrical VariSpread spread pattern adjustment, the spread pattern can thus be easily adjusted remotely.


The Fleet-15 GPS telematics locator records automatic GPS route logs for winter service and enables optimal online spreading data collection and documentation. It helps to analyse operating times and evaluate operating data faster.

Technical data and equipment

Model variantTAXON 25.1TAXON 25.1 plus
Basic machine
Working width [ m ]2 – 82 – 8
Hopper volume [ l ]1,5001,500
Max. capacity [ kg ]2,5002,500
Container size [ cm ]127 x 200127 x 200
Filling height [ cm ]160160
Filling width [ cm ]200200
Empty weight [ kg ]463463
Tractor attachmentThree point category II/IIIThree point category II/III
DriveH drive: Hydraulic demand 40 l/min.H drive: Hydraulic demand 40 l/min.
Slide actuation/quantity regulationVolume control via dosing screwVolume control via dosing screw
ElectronicsSpreading computer EcoTronSpreading computer EcoTron plus