AERO 32.1

Behaeltervolumen-01 1,900 – 3,200 l Hopper capacity
Antrieb-02 M-Drive / H-Drive Drive
Arbeitsbreite 18 – 30 m Working width
VariSpread VariSpread Section control
EMC W Quantity regulation

Precise pneumatic fertiliser spreader

A new level of fertiliser spreading technology:

Impact meets precision, even for fertiliser with difficult flight qualities: that’s the advantage of RAUCH's pneumatic fertiliser spreader. AERO was designed for use where maximum precision, super economic efficiency and high impact are front and centre.

AERO even allows quantity dosing for every partial width, which means a variable application rate for small spaces. Precise fertilisation of different sections takes it to the next level.

Reap the benefits of AERO!

  • Precise fertilisation, even with mixed fertilisers and those with difficult flight qualities such as ammonium sulphate or urea
  • Accurate boundary spreading means 100% fertiliser right to the last row without losing it on the way there
  • No matter the weather – AERO spreads precisely, even in windy conditions
  • Efficiently spread manure to every corner without doubling up, ideal connection in headlands

Market launch

The market/series launch is planned for autumn 2022. In the first phase, the working widths of 27, 28 and 30 m will be implemented, 18 m, 21 m and 24 m will follow. 

Model variants AERO 32.1

AERO 32.1 | 27 mPneumatic fertilizer spreader with 27 m working width
AERO 32.1 | 28 mPneumatic fertilizer spreader with 28 m working width
AERO 32.1 | 30 mPneumatic fertilizer spreader with 30 m working width
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    Synergien nutzen - Effizienz steigern

    Innovative RAUCH ISOBUS technology for the ISOBUS fertiliser spreader allows you to use your existing and familiar ISOBUS control panels from a wide range of suppliers and machines.

    Information about the ISOBUS terminals can be found here

  • MultiRate 4

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    The innovative technology of the new hydraulically driven MultiRate metering units allows a separate spread rate for each of the six boom sections. This allows application maps with an even more precise application rate.

  • 100 Hz weighing system

    Automation, innovation and precision

    The QUANTRON-E2 control terminal, in conjunction with the RAUCH weighing system, checks the application rate 100 times a second while driving. Scattering errors caused by varying flow properties of the grit or changes in speed are detected immediately and corrected automatically once every second.

    Without the need for a manual calibration test, the 100 Hz weighing technology automatically optimises the quantity to be dispensed, making a decisive contribution towards greater economy and ecology in the application of valuable fertiliser granules.

    When the grit is being scattered, the intelligent electronics automatically record all data and automatically ensure error-free documentation. The remaining quantity is displayed continuously.

    The low centre of gravity of the AXIS M 20.2 W and 30.2 W as well as their particularly low dead weight also make it possible to use low-power tractors problem-free.



The MultiRate metering system for pneumatic fertiliser spreaders is the first metering and distribution system worldwide for providing exact plant nutrition over small areas. MultiRate allows a total of 30 spreading sections to be switched on an off individually.

The application rate can be individually regulated in parallel for each section. This allows fertiliser savings of up to 23% and achieves significant yield improvements.

More information about MultiRate can be found in the press release

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Fine metering shafts

With the fine metering shafts (option), very small quantities of slug pellets or fine seeds can be precisely distributed.

Dirt deflector with quick release fastener

A practical idea makes it all the way to series production. With the assembling tool located on the spreader, the three attachment points of the mud flaps can be released quickly and easily with a quarter turn. So cleaning the machine quickly and carefully is a snap.

Technical data and equipment

Model variantAERO 32.1 | 27 mAERO 32.1 | 28 mAERO 32.1 | 30 m
Basic machine
Working width [ m ]18 – 3018 – 3018 – 30
Hopper volume [ l ]1,9001,9001,900
Max. capacity [ kg ]3,2003,2003,200
Container size [ cm ]280 x 130280 x 130280 x 130
Filling height [ cm ]140140140
Filling width [ cm ]270270270
Empty weight [ kg ]1,9901,9901,990
Tractor attachmentThree-point category III/IVThree-point category III/IVThree-point category III/IV
DriveH drive: Hydraulic demand 65 l/min.H drive: Hydraulic demand 65 l/min.H drive: Hydraulic demand 65 l/min.
Slide actuation/quantity regulationQuantity regulation via metering rollersQuantity regulation via metering rollersQuantity regulation via metering rollers
W remaining quantity scalesYesYesYes
ElectronicsISOBUS electronics with job computerISOBUS electronics with job computerISOBUS electronics with job computer
Section control4-fold partial width controller4-fold partial width controller4-fold partial width controller
Limited border spreadingLimited border spreading with fixed working widthLimited border spreading with fixed working widthLimited border spreading with fixed working width