OptiPoint/Section Control

  • Can my spreader also switch off sections from the inside to the outside?

    • AXIS M xx.2 VSD and AXIS H xx.2: VariSpread-dynamic is compatible: You can switch at least 8 sections from the inside to the outside. Furthermore the spreader can completely connect trough the sections from one side to the other side.
    • AXIS M xx.1 V8 and AXIS H xx.1: You can only switch the sections from the outside to the inside.
  • How many sections switchs my spreader?

    • AXIS H EMC mit Teejet-Jobrechner:
      with Software > 4.10.00 : you can switch 12 sections
    • AXIS M with AGP-adjustment or rather VSD:
      you can switch 8 sections
    • AXIS M V4:
      you can reduce the application rate in 4 levels
  • Which degree of overlap should I set?

    We recommend for the optimal field covering a degree of overlap of 100%.

  • Which overlap tolerance should I set?

    The tolerance depends on the precision of the correction signal. For Egnos it is recommended a tolerance of 30cm, for RTK you reach a precision of 5-10cm.

Hydraulic spreader

  • How can I set the correct flow rate of my control unit?

    • AXIS-H 30.x = 45l/min
    • AXIS-H 50.x 65l/min
    • If you can not set the oil quantity directly on the tractor control unit or only manual it is recommended to proceed as follows: set the motor speed of the tractor to about 1600 1/min, set the disc speed to 1050 1/min and the control unit of the tractor to the maximum flow rate. Now turn back the oil quantity on the tractor control unit slowly til the disc speed still turns. Now raise up the oil quantity a bit. The numbe rof liter is properly adjusted.
  • How much oil needs my spreader?

    • AXIS H 30.x = 45l/min
    • AXIS H 50.x 65l/min
    • It is important to provide the oil quantity also at the headland because the AXIS H executes a skim reading at the headland (runs on the background).
  • How can I change from Load-Sensing to constant power?

    For the operation with constant power you have to screw off the adjusting screw on the spreader hydraulic block up to the stop (see label), convert P-coupler on BG3 for control unit. The small The small LS-hose is not required and can be keep safe on the spreader.

  • How can I change from constant power to load-sensing?

    The AXIS H is adjusted on constant power in the delivery state. The big p-coupler for the power-beyond-connection is attached, the LS-hose already existing. Replace the p-coupler, connect the LS-hose and screw in the  adjusting screw on the spreader-hydraulic-block completely (see label).

  • Can I also operate my spreader with Load-Sensing?

    AXIS H can also be operated with Load-Sensing.