AERO-GT 60.2

Behaeltervolumen-01 6,300 l Hopper capacity
Antrieb-02 M-Drive / H-Drive Drive
Arbeitsbreite 30 – 36 m Working width
VariSpread VariSpread Section control

Trailed pneumatic fertilizer spreader

A new dimension in fertilizer technology:

Impact power paired with maximum precision even for fertilizers with problematic flight characteristics are the strengths of the trailed RAUCH pneumatic fertilizer spreader. AERO GT 60.1 is designed for large farms where maximum precision, outstanding economy and high impact power are paramount.

With AERO GT it is even possible to dose a different quantity at each part width section. This means that a different application rate can be applied in a small area every 6 meters. Partial area accurate fertilizing gets a new dimension.

Benefit from the AERO advantages:

  • High-precision spreading even of poorly flying fertilizers, such as SSA or urea on large working widths.
  • Marginal spreading means 100% fertilizer to the last row without losses on the way
  • Large application windows - AERO spreads precisely even in windy conditions
  • Efficient fertilizer spreading: precise lateral distribution, hardly any double-spread areas, ideal connection on the headland, no fertilizer in the tracks

Model variants AERO GT 60.1

AERO GT 60.1 | 36 mPneumatic fertiliser spreader with 36 m operating width
AERO GT 60.1 | 32 mPneumatic fertiliser spreader with 32 m operating width
AERO GT 60.1 | 30 mPneumatic fertiliser spreader with 30 m operating width


  • MultiRate 6

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    The innovative technology of the new hydraulically driven MultiRate metering units allows a separate spread rate for each of the six boom sections. This allows application maps with an even more precise application rate.

  • M-Drive | AERO-GT

    M-Drive: Wide-angle universal drive shaft with Vario pump 650-1000 rpm


    Synergien nutzen - Effizienz steigern

    Innovative RAUCH ISOBUS technology for the ISOBUS fertiliser spreader allows you to use your existing and familiar ISOBUS control panels from a wide range of suppliers and machines.

    Information about the ISOBUS terminals can be found here

  • Boom


    The boom: Designed for stability, longevity and easy cleaning. The support tubes of the boom (made of stainless steel) are designed to serve as fertiliser conveyor pipes at the same time. The free-hanging boom package is attached via two independently suspended pendulums with articulated eyes, so safe and secure guidance of the boom in the field is guaranteed under all conditions.


    High operating speeds are possible thanks to the intelligent adjustment of the pendulum frame suspension, the damping of the boom via nitrogen bubbles and the hydropneumatic chassis. The standard 6-way section control avoids fertiliser losses and over-fertilisation on wedge-shaped inclines and at field boundaries.


    A powerful hydraulic system finishes the folding process in just 90 seconds. Boom approach protection provides security when things get tight.


Hopper cover | AERO GT

The hopper cover reliably protects the spreading material and can be effortlessly opened.

Rear view camera

The RAUCH rear-view camera for RAUCH ISOBUS fertiliser spreaders also provides a good view to the rear, even on tall machines. This increases work safety when manoeuvring and also when spreading. The robust camera body is attached to the rear of the spreader. A protective plate prevents radiation and reduces the dirtying of the optics. The direction of the camera can be adjusted depending on the application.

The rear-view camera is compatible with the RAUCH ISOBUS universal terminals. Moreover, the camera can be connected to all terminals that have an AEF-compliant video input.

The rear-view camera is available for use with AXIS-ISOBUS, AXENT and AGT.

RAUCH Connect
RAUCH Connect
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Distance Control

Many farmers value the automatic linkage guidance that distance control provides. Ultrasonic sensors ensure that the linkage is always at the optimum height and appropriately angled to the crop. The driver has less to worry about and can concentrate more fully on adjusting and monitoring the AERO GT 60.1.

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With the new RAUCH FreeLane system for the AERO GT pneumatic fertiliser spreader, for the very first time it is possible to avoid spreading fertiliser into tyre tracks. For tracks up to 36 m, FreeLane guarantees that of over 4% of valuable fertiliser will be saved with every use. The big advantage: Thanks to the strict separation of the spreading areas in the track area, the needs-based nutrient supply to the neighbouring plants is maintained.

Nowadays, the maximum tyre widths of tractors and trailed agricultural machines is 75 cm in order to reduce ground load. It is very unfavourable and often even detrimental if mineral-based fertiliser is applied in lanes up to 2 x 75 cm wide. In tyre tracks, there are no plants growing that can extract and absorb the fertiliser from the soil. Until now, the precious fertiliser that lands in the tracks could not be used.

The two easily-adjustable vanes on the AERO GT nozzles on the left and right of each track make it impossible for fertiliser to land in the tracks. The spread rate is precisely controlled by means of special tyre track cam wheels in the corresponding sections. The FreeLane system is flexible and can be easily and quickly adapted to different track and tyre widths.

FreeLane offers significant savings potential in terms of fertiliser and costs. At a spreading width of 24 m, that's a fertiliser savings of 6.25% (!), and at 36 m of 4.2% (!) per hectare, without negatively impacting the nutrition of the plants. This substantial reduction also contributes significantly to optimising the fertiliser balance in accordance with the new Federal Fertiliser Ordinance.

If, as is customary in controlled traffic (CTF), the tracks are in the same places as in previous years, the quantity of fertiliser in these tracks will accumulate in large quantities over the years due to the lack of absorption by plants.

The new RAUCH FreeLane system, with its special guides and changes to the cam wheel metering system, ensures that no fertiliser gets scattered into the tracks. And plants will continue to be uniformly fertilised.

Compressed air
Compressed air
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Fine metering shafts

With the fine metering shafts (option), very small quantities of slug pellets or fine seeds can be precisely distributed.

Technical data and equipment

Model variantAERO GT 60.1 | 36 mAERO GT 60.1 | 32 mAERO GT 60.1 | 30 m
Basic machine
Working width [ m ]30 – 3630 – 3630 – 36
Hopper volume [ l ]6,3006,3006,300
Max. capacity [ kg ]5,0005,0005,000
Container size [ cm ]380 x 160380 x 160380 x 160
Filling height [ cm ]315315315
Filling width [ cm ]380380380
Empty weight [ kg ]7,0007,0007,000
Track width [ cm ]225 x 270225 x 270225 x 270
Tractor attachmentDrawnDrawnDrawn
Axle typeRigid axleRigid axleRigid axle
HitchingTop hitchingTop hitchingTop hitching
Axle load [ t ]101010
BrakePneumatic brakePneumatic brakePneumatic brake
DriveM drive: Wide-angle universal drive shaft with Vario pump 650-1,000 rpmM drive: Wide-angle universal drive shaft with Vario pump 650-1,000 rpmM drive: Wide-angle universal drive shaft with Vario pump 650-1,000 rpm
Slide actuation/quantity regulationQuantity regulation via metering rollersQuantity regulation via metering rollersQuantity regulation via metering rollers
Variable Rate ControlYesYesYes
ElectronicsISOBUS electronics with job computerISOBUS electronics with job computerISOBUS electronics with job computer
Section control6-fold partial width controller6-fold partial width controller6-fold partial width controller
Limited border spreadingLimited border spreading with fixed working widthLimited border spreading with fixed working widthLimited border spreading with fixed working width