Golf course fertilisation

Sustainable fertilisation on greens

Golf courses are known for their immaculately landscaped greens, which comprise a very dense area of turf. However, in addition to the scene-setting aesthetic of the golf course, functionality and rule-compliant playing conditions must also play a central role.
To ensure such playing conditions, greens that are subjected to stress must be fertilised several times a year.

For precise fertilisation – with exact placement focused on the fairway – RAUCH enters the world of sustainable fertilisation for golf courses and green areas.
RAUCH brings its agricultural know-how to the golf course.

For this purpose, a GPS-activated fertiliser spreader with section control offers the best solution: It prevents areas from being fertilised twice and enables precise documentation of the application rate.
In this way, sustainability and fertiliser reduction are guaranteed.

GPS functionality also shows the driver how far away from the previous pass they must drive in order to achieve the optimal subsequent passes and fertiliser distribution.

  • Proper following passes prevent double spreading and avoid stripes
  • Automatic activation and deactivation of the fertiliser spreader prevents double fertilisation of areas
  • Section control allows the spreader to adapt to uneven terrain on the fairway and prevents too much fertiliser being spread into the rough


This technology can generate fertiliser savings of roughly 10–15%

  • Save costs through optimised fertiliser use
  • Environmentally friendly due to reduced fertiliser use
  • Even fertiliser application eliminates striping, resulting in higher player satisfaction
  • Modern, environmentally friendly smart technology helps to meet requirements of environmentally conscious clubs
  • Faster and simpler work for the greenkeeper
  • Application rate can be documented

This technology also provides benefits in terms of environmental certification