Next Machine Management

What is NEXT Machine Management?

Starting a new era of digital farming

NEXT Machine Management intelligently networks your mixed fleets to achieve greater efficiency. You use and process cross-manufacturer machine data.

Your machines keep an eye on you by means of telemetry. With NEXT Machine Management, you can use a central component of the NEXT Farming modular farm management system for individual and needs-based digital operation management.


Function of NEXT Machine Management

The track data of the machine are visualized on a map and the machine data to be displayed can be selected from the menu. 

The colours indicate the different values of the machine data and their total and average values. Furthermore, individual fields of the order or track points can be displayed along the time line.

The data of the order can then be saved and used, for example, for attachment planning, CC-compliant documentation and fertiliser balancing. With one click, your order is turned into a quick report containing all the important information.


Creating and sending different measures

In the export manager, planned measures, application maps, guide tracks and attachment contours can be sent to the machine via the Agrirouter. A connection to the Agrirouter must exist for this purpose, and the data to be sent and the receiver must be selected in the export manager.

The machine then receives the data from NEXT Machine Management and can send the processed order data simply back to NEXT Machine Management via the Agrirouter.