Sustainability and efficiency come first

In the "Lean and Green Excellence" study by Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg and the industrial consultant Triahead, RAUCH is among the best in the industry.

The study examined the sustainability of the production and assembly processes, i. the harmonious interaction of

  • economics
  • ecology
  • and the social environment

of medium-sized mechanical engineering companies throughout Germany.

Hubert Deibel, the sustainability expert at RAUCH, is convinced: "RAUCH spreaders are not only top in terms of processing quality and spreading precision, they also meet the highest demands on environmentally friendly production and assembly" through their consistent use:

  • renewable energy sources (biogas)
  • material-saving laser technology
  • energy-saving bending technology
  • emission-free powder coating systems
  • Photovoltaic system


Environmentally friendly energy from biogas

The new cogeneration plant built by Helmlinger farmer Rainer Graf in the immediate vicinity of the RAUCH plant premises will be supplied directly by the biogas plant of the Schwarzacher depot.

In addition to 265 kW of electrical energy from biogas, which is fed directly into the low-voltage central station in the RAUCH plant, up to
250 kW thermal output of the biogas engine used for the heating of 2 zones of the degreasing system of the RAUCH powder coating system. The biogas engine achieves an efficiency of 85% with the dual use of electricity and waste heat.

This increases the efficiency of biogas utilization and protects the environment. At the same time, the innovative RAUCH biogas concept supports regional agriculture.

Efficient use of materials with modern laser technology

RAUCH also sets sustainability standards in sheet metal processing. Thanks to the intelligent laser control technology, the area of all raw sheets for the cutting of the individual components is intelligently and optimally utilized.

Of course, the precious metal waste, which has been reduced to a minimum, is fed into the recycling process in the steelworks. Thus, high quality stainless steel and tool steel resources are used with maximum efficiency.

Minimal energy consumption through intelligent bending technology

We are particularly proud of the 5 modern, CNC-controlled press brakes. Precise bending of sheet metal parts eliminates energy-intensive welds. State-of-the-art 3D design programs optimize workpiece stability through the intelligent creation of edges.

If it should be welded, the welding fume is immediately sucked off and cleaned in a central filter system. In winter operation, this purified, warm air can be returned to the hall, as needed. This creates on the one hand an optimal, healthy working environment in the welding shop, on the other hand the environment is protected.

Emission-free powder coating system

The modern, environmentally friendly RAUCH powder coating system operates completely emission-free.

When washing and degreasing no wastewater is produced thanks to the own vacuum water treatment plant. Treated water is stored in tanks and returned to the process as needed.

Even in the powder chamber no environmentally harmful paint residues accumulate. Powder dust that does not adhere to the workpiece is sucked off, cleaned and returned to the coating process.

At the same time, the high-quality RAUCH surface finish contributes to the protection of people and the environment at the same time.

RAUCH invests in a photovoltaic system

As part of the internal initiative "Sustainable Production and Production", RAUCH commissioned a photovoltaic system at the Baden-Airpark location. The large-scale plant on the 15,000 square meter factory roof covers 1,728 solar modules. In ideal conditions, the system operates with a maximum output of 440.6 kWp. Thus, RAUCH is able to generate 12% of its own electricity demand CO2-neural with solar energy. The investment costs are according to company information at 500,000 euros.

For the agricultural machinery manufacturer from Sinzheim the use of regenerative energies is not new. RAUCH has been relying on the waste heat of a cogeneration plant from the Graf Graf biogas plant in Schwarzach for several years to process water in the powder coating plant. RAUCH uses further energy-saving potential consistently. Intelligent systems for sheet metal cutting optimize steel consumption. Using sophisticated bending techniques, RAUCH reduces the proportion of energy-intensive welds. The continuous use of energy-saving lamps with motion sensors reduces the power consumption in the production and assembly areas.

With so much commitment, it's no wonder that RAUCH is listed in the Lean & Green study by the renowned Leipzig University as one of Germany's top ten medium-sized engineering companies in terms of environmental protection. RAUCH takes it just in terms of energy efficiency exactly.