The Fertilizer Chart App

is an interactive setting chart for current and older RAUCH fertilizer spreader series which, in contrast to the online version on the web, can also be used when there is no internet connection. You will find in the Fertilizer Chart App RAUCH fertilizer spreaders specific setting values for the metering and distribution of more than 3,000 different fertilizers, slug pellet varieties and fine seeds, which are dynamically calculated for your model and configuration, even for machines without electric control.

App Features

  • Protractor

    The latest innovation in the RAUCH app is impressive. The app developers are now making use of the smartphone's standard protractor function. This allows the user to quickly and easily check the setting of the fertiliser spreaders for late top dressing – on RAUCH units, the top link is shortened. The user simply places the phone on the side edge of the spreader. If the correct angle is set, the desired angle dimension lights up green on the display – brilliantly simple.

  • WLAN module

    With an optional WLAN module, all settings can be transferred to the working menu of the electronic QUANTRON-A control unit or ISOBUS terminal at the press of a button. Finally, terminal configuration errors will be a thing of the past.

  • DiS fertiliser identification system

    For use anywhere in the world: in those exceptional cases when the desired type of fertiliser is not in the extensive RAUCH fertiliser database, the RAUCH app offers an additional fertiliser identification system, called DiS. A digital reference photo catalogue allows the fertiliser to be identified with a high degree of accuracy. The user is then taken automatically to the applicable settings tables. RAUCH has already been using this system successfully for many years in export markets with little information about the fertilisers used.

  • WindMeter

    The WindMeter feature uses a paddlewheel anemometer in combination with the Fertilizer Chart app to measure wind speed. The flow velocity settings determined by the anemometer and transferred to the app are communicated in a fun way by means of a traffic light system. This shows the farmer whether the material can be spread at the wind speed measured at the site.

With the new RAUCH Fertiliser Chart App, Android and Apple users will always have the latest scree tables for all RAUCH two-disc spreaders. Even in regions without network coverage, the app works reliably in offline mode. The update with the latest fertiliser data is done automatically. Owners of older RAUCH spreader series will also find all the information they need for precise fertiliser spreader adjustment.