Winter road clearance needs efficient solutions!


The main objective is to maintain road safety. In addition, costs for spreading material must be reduced and the environment protected. Modern technology pays off especially when it comes to the careful use of road salt.

Losses at the kerbstone or even in green areas should be avoided as far as possible and an even distribution of spreading material without gaps should be ensured. The required amounts of spreading material must be reduced in order to achieve savings.

Precise and reliable spreading patterns

A characteristic of every RAUCH winter disc spreader are precise trapezoidal spreading patterns with steeply sloping spreading flanks. Even at high driving speeds and high application rates, the spreading patterns remain precise.

Efficient and environmentally friendly

The speed-dependent QUANTRON electronic spreading material dosing system increases profitability and protects the environment.

Perfect ease of use - perfect workmanship

The simple, logical operation and the high proportion of stainless steel make handling comfortable and safe even under harsh winter conditions.