Behaeltervolumen-01 300 – 420 l Hopper capacity
Antrieb-02 H-Drive Drive
Arbeitsbreite 1.5 m Working width

The vegetable specialist

Whether for viticulture, the cultivation of vegetables, fruits or special crops, in nursery gardens and gardening and landscaping, the UKS satisfies every possible requirement and offers simple, comfortable operation at maximum precision.

High precision that is suitable for all kinds of spreading material such as fertiliser, seeds, compost, organic fertiliser, sand and much more.

Model variants UKS 150 GB

UKS 150 GBmanual gate control, hydraulic drive
UKS 150 GB Qhydraulic drive, speed-dependent, electronic fertiliser metering, QUANTRON-A control unit


  • Patented rubber finger roller

    The unique stirrer shaft with flexible agitator fingers guides the spreading material to the opening of the dispensing gate over the entire spreading range and ensures trouble-free discharge of all known spreading materials, even those that are traditionally more problematic to work with.

    Hydra drive advantage: with an optional flow control valve, the stirring shaft speed can be perfectly adapted to the spreading material.

  • UKS gate

    The fact that the dispensing gate can be operated with only one hand ensures that it can be opened and shut quickly. The quantity to be spread can be pre-selected in fine increments via a large scale curve. Optionally, the electric remote control for opening and closing the gate allows the spread rate to be reduced in fine increments while spreading.

    Remote controls for the dispensing gates:

    • MFB 6 (push-pull cable)
    • EF 25 (12V) electric remote control

    Electronics that thinks ahead

    Precise: Depending on the driving speed of the tractor, the scatter computer automatically adjusts the correct spread rate.

    Convenient: The desired spread rate is simply entered into the scatter computer and can be moved up or down in percentages - just as the weather demands - at the touch of a button.

    Clever: If the tractor stops at a red light, the gate will close automatically. The gate reopens when the tractor starts moving again.

    Practical: A simulated speed can be stored in order to have the full spread rate at hand right from the start.

    Information about QUANTRON-A can be found here

  • Folding stainless steel container floor

    The container floor pan including the dispensing gates is made from 100% stainless steel. The entire container floor can be folded down in just a few simple steps. This simplifies the emptying of residues and it makes cleaning quick and easy.


GPS speed sensor

In order to be able to regulate spreading according to the driving speed, the QUANTRON-A and QUANTRON-K2 scatter computers, and the ISOBUS display all require a speed signal. This usually comes via the 7-pin signal socket or the ISOBUS from the tractor unit. If the tractor itself is not equipped with this signal, either a wheel sensor must be retrofitted or you can use this GPS speed sensor.

A GPS signal in combination with an acceleration sensor generates a high-precision speed signal. This is especially recommended if the spreader is used in combination with several tractors or is also shared by different companies.

Another great advantage of this is that the slip of the tractor tyres in wet conditions or slopes does not matter and does not adversely affect the spreading result.

GPS control with CCI 800

In order to use the QUANTRON-A to automatically switch part-width sections and headlands via GPS or to scatter application maps, the QUANTRON-A is connected to the CCI.800 terminal via a serial interface.

In this case, the CCI.800 is not used as an ISOBUS terminal, but as a GPS terminal that, in combination with a GPS receiver, switches part-width sections via SectionControl or processes application maps via the TaskController.

Information about the CCI 800 can be found here

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Level sensor | UKS

An optimum overview of the remaining quantity can be displayed on the UKS via the level sensor. The sensors give off a warning in the display should the level get too low.

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Hopper cover | UKS GB

The perfect protection against humidity and dirt from the tyres.

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Row spreading device UKS

UKS is the ideal spreader for row crops. In conjunction with the optional row spreading devices, it is possible to spread precisely from 12 to 18 rows - Row spacing: 13 cm:

  • RV 150-13-12 (12 rows with 13 cm spacing) for UKS 150
  • RV 230-13-18 (18 rows with 13 cm spacing) for UKS 230
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Electrical remote control

Electric remote control for joint adjustment of the spreading width limitation left and right.

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Mechanical remote control

Push-pull cable with adjustment lever and mounting parts

Technical data and equipment

Model variantUKS 150 GBUKS 150 GB Q
Basic machine
Working width [ m ]1.51.5
Hopper volume [ l ]300300
Max. capacity [ kg ]700700
Container size [ cm ]168 x 70168 x 70
Filling height [ cm ]6060
Filling width [ cm ]150150
Empty weight [ kg ]160160
Tractor attachmentThree-point category I/IIThree-point category I/II
DriveH drive: Hydraulic demand 25 l/min.H drive: Hydraulic demand 25 l/min.
Slide actuation/quantity regulationElectrical metering slide, Mechanical metering slideElectronic metering slide without mass flow control
Servomotors-Slide actuation elec. Linear actuator
Variable Rate ControlNoYes
Electronics-QUANTRON-A spreading system
Limited border spreadingLimited border spreading with fixed working widthLimited border spreading with fixed working width
Wet lime + organic fertiliserYesYes