Behaeltervolumen-01 9,400 l Hopper capacity
Antrieb-02 H-Drive Drive
Arbeitsbreite 18 – 50 m Working width
VariSpread VariSpread Section control
EMC EMC Quantity regulation

AXENT 100.1

With the AXENT 100.1 large area spreader, RAUCH presents a powerful, and completely newly developed all-rounder when it comes to costly fertiliser application. The special feature of AXENT is that it spreads both granulated fertilisers and powdery, organic fertilisers such as lime with the highest degree of precision.

Using a quick-change system, two specifically-designed spreaders can be easily, safely and quickly added to AXENT in just five minutes.

  • AXIS PowerPack for granulated fertiliser
  • Lime PowerPack for lime and organic fertiliser

This saves valuable time and makes using the large area spreader even more profitable.

Conventional large-area spreaders are geared to either spreading granulated products or to spreading powdery fertiliser. The big disadvantage of these is that when both fertiliser granules and lime are spread, unwanted compromises in dosing and straightening inaccuracy need to be taken into account. Until now, the only solution for ambitious farmers has been the costly use of two specialised large area spreaders - one for granulated fertiliser and one for powdery or organic fertiliser.
AXENT solves this problem with an amazingly simple and efficient concept.

Model variants AXENT 100.1

AXENT 100.1 with steering axleBasic machine for the large area spreader with steering axle, bottom suspension with ball head K80, incl. cardan shaft, pneumatic brake system
AXENT 100.1 with rigid axleBasic machine for the large area spreader with rigid axle, bottom attachment with ball head K80, incl. cardan shaft, pneumatic brake system


  • H-Drive

    Maintenance-free, hydraulic drive technology

    H-Drive | Innovation in the service of precision and impact


    Since the 1990s, RAUCH has been building fertilizer spreaders with hydraulic disc drive. The great advantage of this technology is that it is possible to vary the spreading disc speed on one side for boundary spreading and part-width switching. The innovative, hydraulic H-Drive for the throwing discs is maintenance-free for years.


    Unique in fertilizer technology, H-Drive keeps the throwing disc speed and thus the working width constant at all times, even with varying Trakor engine speeds. The tractor speed can thus always be selected to save fuel. Spreading errors due to varying engine or throwing disc speeds are a thing of the past with H-Drive.


    Sharp boundary spreading:

    With edge and boundary spreading, the throwing disc speed and the feed point adapt optimally to the desired work application. AXIS H thus requires no Telimat and is characterized by sharply defined spread patterns. It is even possible to switch from edge spreading to boundary spreading at the push of a button. A nice function is also to manually adjust the disc speed during boundary spreading, e.g. when spreading uphill, this allows better fertilization of the boundaries. This increases spreading precision and efficiency in fertilizer application.


    Tractor requirements:

    AXIS H comes with connections to constant flow tractor hydraulics and can also be easily converted for load sensing tractor hydraulics.

    • AXIS H 30.2 EMC®/ EMC®+W requires 45 liters/min of oil at 180 bar
    • .
    • AXIS H 50.2 EMC®+W requires 65 liters/min oil at 180 bar
  • CDA spreading technology | remote controlled

    Precision meets ease of use

    As a further option, AXIS fertiliser spreaders can be equipped with an electrical output point adjustment. Setting up a two-disc fertiliser spreader has never been as easy. All setting parameters can be easily taken from the clearly-arranged spreading chart and conveniently entered into the logically structured input mask in the control panel. Even easier is the transmission of the complete set values from the spreading chart smartphone app via the WiFi module on the spreader, thus eliminating the need to input the data manually. Simply select "Fertiliser" and the machine is all set to go (optional accessory).

    The high-quality, dust-proof and splash-proof electric SpeedServo actuators with state-of-the-art sensors automatically adjust the setting of the dispensing gates and the output points of the coaxial CDA spreading technology on the left and right side. At the same time, the specified spreader disc speed is automatically reached with the hydraulically-driven AXIS-H spreader.

    Thus, AXIS is precisely tailored to the exact fertiliser type and quality, the spreading properties, the desired application rate and the spreading width. Manual setting steps are no longer required with AXIS H, and with AXIS M only the Telimat thrower shield has to be set.

  • EMC®-2

    The intelligent online automatic dosing system with e-bike technology

    AXIS H EMC-2 - Animation

    AXIS EMC® measures and controls the current application rate fully automatically on the left and right dosing gate separately. State-of-the-art magnetostriction torque sensors measure the drive torques of the two throwing discs without contact and with high precision, thereby permanently controlling the exact metering gate position for each side separately. EMC® uses magnetostrictive e-bike technology, proven millions of times over, from renowned system partner Schaeffler FAG.

    High precision, elegant ease of use


    For the driver, this means simply entering the application rate and working width and start spreading. The spread rate adjusts in seconds, depending on the instantaneous fertilizer trickle characteristics and travel speed.

    EMC® Advantage


    EMC® meters the left and right sides separately, unlike spreaders controlled by load cells. This allows for more metering precision and side-by-side distribution.


    EMC® detects and compensates for quality-related fertilizer flow rate fluctuations much faster than conventional weigh cell spreaders.

    EMC® meters accurately and reliably even under extreme vibration conditions.

    EMC® meters with high precision even on slopes.

    EMC® measures the applied quantities in kg with high precision like a scale for your documentation.

    Intelligent EMC® metering gate control automatically detects one-sided blockages and clogs.

    EMC® precisely measures and controls left and right differential application rates when spreading with VariSpread in wedge areas.

    EMC® precisely measures and controls the different spread rates on the right and left when spreading with partial area accuracy from application maps or with N-sensors.


    Synergien nutzen - Effizienz steigern

    Innovative RAUCH ISOBUS technology for the ISOBUS fertiliser spreader allows you to use your existing and familiar ISOBUS control panels from a wide range of suppliers and machines.

    Information about the ISOBUS terminals can be found here

  • VariSpread pro

    RAUCH VariSpread dynamic - Animation 2016

    AXIS H 30.2/50.2 EMC (+W) and AXIS M 30.2/50.2 EMC (+W) with VariSpread pro feature electric feed point adjustment, adjusting the working width and application rate in a gliding process during spreading travel.


    Thanks to RAUCH SpeedServo actuators, the application rate and working width are continuously and steplessly adjusted to field wedges, sloping headland areas or non-opening tramlines in one-meter increments, even at high working speeds. 

    Also new is GapSpreading, which allows simultaneous shutdown from the outside and inside.

  • High-Speed-Servos

    SpeedServos | AXIS fertiliser spreaders are becoming even more efficient

    The big SpeedServo advantage:

    The adjustment speeds of the SpeedServos are 2.5 times higher than the previous spindle motor models. This opens up a world of superior response speeds and new performance dimensions for the AXIS M EMC ISOBUS spreaders and AXIS H EMC spreaders for fully-automatic fertiliser dispensing with EMC, headland dodging with OptPoint, area-specific spreading with application maps, and with sectional width spreading with section control.

    Despite consuming considerably less energy, SpeedServos achieve up to 3 times higher actuating forces than comparable spindle motors. Its superior energy efficiency makes it ideal to use in ISOBUS machines, since the ISOBUS standard limits electrical power consumption.

    In addition, SpeedServos are much more efficient at protecting against dust and dirt, as there is no longer any delicate and telescopic lifting rod. The effective, long-term sealing against moisture and dust as well as the simple, robust SpeedServo construction give extra long service life to the valuable electronic components.

  • AXIS-PowerPack

    Hydraulically driven spreading module for high-precision spreading of granulated fertiliser.

    AXIS-PowerPack is the hydraulically-powered spreader for achieving high-precision spreading with granulated fertilisers.

    The special feature is that its belt conveyor system fills a pre-chamber above the spreader discs. The fully-automatic EMC (electronic mass flow control and regulation) dispensing electronics control the dispensing gates left and right separately from each other at the bottom of the channel.

    The big advantage to the AXIS PowerPack is that all RAUCH fertiliser technology innovations for the AXIS three-point spreaders can also be used with AXENT:

    • Convenient operation thanks to state-of-the-art ISOBUS universal terminals
    • Use of common ISOBUS applications
    • VariSpread pro section control system
    • Precise GPS-enabled OptiPoint headland gearshift
    • Remote-controlled, exact edge and border spreading on the left and right side
    • All common precision farming applications
  • UNIVERSAL PowerPack

    Hydraulically driven spreading unit for lime and similarly floury or organic fertilisers

    The spreader for lime and similar powdery or organic fertiliser is also hydraulically driven.

    The material flows directly from the conveyor belt to the sturdy spreader discs. This helps to minimise clogging. In contrast to the AXIS PowerPack, the belt speed now dispenses the appropriate quantity depending on the travel speed and the desired application rate.

    As a result, perfectly uniform scattering precision is achieved even with material that is particularly tricky to work with.


Hopper cover | AXENT

The hopper cover reliably protects the spreading material and can be effortlessly opened.




RAUCH AXMAT duo | Fully automatic, radar-based spreading pattern control

The new AXMAT duo has 54 radar sensors positioned in a stationary, semi-circular shape below the two fertiliser spreader discs.

AXMAT duo scans the area that was spread online using its innovative radar technology. After scanning, the intelligent software instantly recognises the location, character and expansion of the spread pattern. Within fractions of a second, a new setting for the AXIS spreading technology is calculated once spread pattern deviations have been detected and the spreading area is driven to remotely with the help of the extra-fast SpeedServo motors. Fully automatic, the spreading pattern is optimised every second by adjusting the fertiliser output point on the spreader discs on both sides separately.

AXMAT duo opens up new worlds of performance when it comes to professional fertiliser technology. Negative influences caused by the fertiliser properties or the ambient conditions are automatically detected and compensated for while spreading. AXMAT certainly impresses users with its wide range of usage options for fertiliser granules and slug pellets. The system is only limited if precise spreading is no longer technically possible due to fertiliser quality, weather conditions or the selected working width or spreader discs.

The dream of the self-adjusting fertiliser spreader is now a reality thanks to AXIS H 50.2 EMC®+W and AXMAT duo in conjunction with EMC automatic metering technology for the left and right dispensing gates.

AXMAT is only available for AXIS H 50.2 EMC®+W (NG job computer, from SN 09-050000 onwards).

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SpreadLight | AXIS

Modern GPS-controlled OptiPoint headland management systems and VariSpread section controls make precise fertiliser spreading possible - even at night. So far, however, it has been very difficult for the driver to visually check the individual spreader functions while spreading in the dark. In addition, obstacles in the spreading area pose a risk at night.

Thanks to the SpreadLight work lights, RAUCH has solved these problems. Modern, powerful LED work lights directly above the two spreader discs of the fertiliser spreader illuminate the spread fans on the left and right side.

The driver has the spread fan in full view thanks to SpreadLight. Possible incorrect settings or clogging at the dispensing gates are recognised immediately. Moreover, the operator can respond more quickly to difficult-to-detect obstacles or danger spots in the outer spreading area in the dark, especially when it comes to wide spreading widths.</p<p>Unlike the tractor's work lights, SpreadLight is specifically aimed at the spreading fan. The fertiliser granules thereby reflect the intensive LED light.

As simple as it is convenient, SpreadLight is remotely controlled by the ISOBUS terminal via a touchscreen. The operator can choose whether the headlamps are permanently lit or automatically switch off and on in the headland in order to avoid blinding oncoming traffic on the road. SpreadLight can be retrofitted as an option for all mechanical and hydraulically driven RAUCH AXIS.2 ISOBUS fertiliser spreaders.

Rear view camera

The RAUCH rear-view camera for RAUCH ISOBUS fertiliser spreaders also provides a good view to the rear, even on tall machines. This increases work safety when manoeuvring and also when spreading. The robust camera body is attached to the rear of the spreader. A protective plate prevents radiation and reduces the dirtying of the optics. The direction of the camera can be adjusted depending on the application.

The rear-view camera is compatible with the RAUCH ISOBUS universal terminals. Moreover, the camera can be connected to all terminals that have an AEF-compliant video input.

The rear-view camera is available for use with AXIS-ISOBUS, AXENT and AGT.

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Limited border spreading H-Drive

No Telimat is needed with the hydraulically driven fertiliser spreaders AXIS-H 30 and 50, since the unilateral reduction in the speed of the spreading discs in combination with an adjustment of the fertiliser output point produces a sharply demarcated boundary spreading pattern. This type of border spreading is even more precise, it fulfils the requirements of the European environmental standard and is also approved under the German Fertiliser Ordinance.

  • Border spreading right and left
  • Border spreading at the touch of a button
  • Remote-controlled switching from edge to border spreading
  • Individual adjustment of the disc speed on the border side when, for instance, spreading occurs on an uphill incline or at a water ditch.

Practical test set

More safety when spreading

RAUCH PPS 5 Practical test set permits cross-distribution to be checked and corrected quickly and easily in the field. This provides even more reliability and accuracy during spreading, particularly with fertilisers of lower quality, problematic discharge properties or unknown origin.

In combination with the clear and comprehensible AXIS-CDA tuning logic, corrections are amazingly easy and secure.

PPS 5 components:

  • 10 collecting trays
  • 5 measuring cylinders
  • 1 roller tape measure
  • clear, logical operating instructions.


RAUCH Connect
RAUCH Connect
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Limited border spreading GSE AXIS/AXENT

The GSE 30 and GSE 60 enable sharp-edged border spreading on the left and right side directly on the field boundary with half-side spreading. The distance to the border can be varied between 0 to 3 m. GSE 30 is the thrower shield for AXIS 20.2 / 30.2. GSE 60 is suitable for use with AXIS 50.2 and AXENT.

Optionally, GSE 30/60 can be remotely controlled hydraulically using the FHD 30-60 remote control via a double acting tractor control valve.

Another option is the GSE sensor. This shows the current status of the GSE in the operating screen of the software.




Technical data and equipment

Model variantAXENT 100.1 with steering axleAXENT 100.1 with rigid axle
Basic machine
Working width [ m ]18 – 5018 – 50
Hopper volume [ l ]9,4009,400
Max. capacity [ kg ]8,4008,400
Container size [ cm ]450 x 220450 x 220
Filling height [ cm ]295295
Filling width [ cm ]450450
Empty weight [ kg ]4,6004,600
Track width [ cm ]200 x 225200 x 225
Tractor attachmentDrawnDrawn
Axle typeSteering axleRigid axle
HitchingBottom hitchingBottom hitching
Axle load [ t ]1010
BrakeHydraulic brakePneumatic brake
DriveM drive: Wide-angle universal drive shaft with Vario pump 650-1,000 rpm, Electrical agitator drive with auto-stopM drive: Wide-angle universal drive shaft with Vario pump 650-1,000 rpm, Electrical agitator drive with auto-stop
Electrical agitator drive with auto-stopYesYes
Slide actuation/quantity regulationEMC mass flow controlEMC mass flow control
ServomotorsSlide actuation elec. HighSpeed servos-
W remaining quantity scalesYesYes
Variable Rate ControlYesYes
ElectronicsISOBUS electronics with job computerISOBUS electronics with job computer
Section controlVariSpread pro partial width controllerVariSpread pro partial width controller
Limited border spreadingLimited border spreading with H-Drive, Limited border spreading with GSELimited border spreading with H-Drive, Limited border spreading with GSE
Wet lime + organic fertiliserYesYes