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  • 6.02.2023 Caution with urea with urea inhibitors

    Due to many queries in the fertiliser testing hall and fertiliser samples sent in, we are currently finding that there are quite a few products on the market that we were previously unaware of and for which there are also no calibration charts. These are mainly various imported ureas from the most diverse sources. As these ureas have to be treated with urease inhibitors due to legal regulations, the spreading properties change and lateral distribution can be impaired.

    Especially if urease inhibitors were sprayed onto the urea afterwards, it can happen that it settles in the throwing blade during the spreading work and a layer forms there that changes the spreading or flow characteristics of the grain and the lateral distribution.

    We generally recommend checking the setting with a practical test set (spreading bowls).

    This check should only take place after approx. 200 kg of urea have been spread on each disc and any layer has formed!