What is NEVONEX?

NEVONEX powered by Bosch is an open and neutral ecosystem for smart and digital agriculture. The shared ecosystem approach makes new and existing farm machinery intelligent with the help of the NEVONEX-capable control unit and, in this way, simplifies the farmer's work processes. The concentrated expertise can be used directly on the machine in the form of digital services (referred to as FEATURES).

Due to the reliable and consistent implementation across all work steps, the farmer benefits from a higher yield, optimised operating processes and less use of seeds, fertiliser and pesticides while at the same time protecting the environment.

NEVONEX provides agricultural operators with a robust, securely managed framework and an end-to-end infrastructure. With NEVONEX, partners are able to quickly, easily and directly develop, deploy and use integrated digital services.

Smooth interaction

At the core of NEVONEX are the application software programs, called FEATURES in the NEVONEX ecosystem.

Each ecosystem partner can access the NEVONEX technical infrastructure and tools and develop a FEATURE. The FEATURES can then be run directly on the respective agricultural machines from manufacturers of the ecosystem, provided a NEVONEX-capable control unit is installed. This is the starting point for the farmer or contractor.

An open, manufacturer-independent digital ecosystem for agriculture

The various providers of agricultural technology, equipment or services along the entire agricultural process chain offer useful functions and tools for the networking and automation of devices and work processes through the technical infrastructure.

The farmers, who can put together an individual package of digital services, benefit from this overall offer.

More precision when spreading fertiliser on slopes, on crests and in valleys!

With the RAUCH HillControl system, we enable, together with NEVONEX, individual solutions and new ways of digital farming for our customers.

The RAUCH HillControl system optimises the fertiliser distribution with AXIS two-disc fertiliser spreaders on slopes and strongly varying field topologies such as crests and valleys.
HillControl ensures constant lateral distribution even when the inclination of the machine to the ground changes continuously.

With HillControl, the fertiliser quantity, which is usually distributed unevenly on sloping terrain, contributes to the optimal nutrition of the plants.