Gold medal for RAUCH MultiRate system with the AERO GT pneumatic fertiliser spreader

The specialist in precise plant nutrition – RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH – has won gold at the innovation competition for agricultural machinery at the AGROSALON 2020 trade fair in Moscow. Of 47 developments entered into the competition from across the world, 19 innovations were distinguished with a medal, and only 5 innovations received a gold medal.

With the MultiRate system, RAUCH is setting new standards for efficiency and ecology in order to meet the demand for needs-based plant nutrition.

The MultiRate system for the AERO GT pneumatic fertiliser spreader is the world’s first dosing and distribution system for granulated fertilisers for small-scale and highly precise plant nutrition. The MultiRate system allows a total of 30 spreading sections to be switched on and off individually. The application rate can be individually regulated in parallel for each section. This allows fertiliser savings of up to 23% and achieves significant yield improvements.

Pneumatic fertiliser spreaders with the MultiRate system are thus achieving needed increased yields with reduced fertiliser use and maximum climate, soil and water protection in an ideal way. With the MultiRate system, plant nutrition can be optimised at a small scale and fertiliser efficiency can be significantly increased while simultaneously reducing environmental impacts resulting from over-fertilisation.

Caption: Alexander Shcherbik, Area Sales Manager at RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik celebrating the gold medal win