RAUCH receives the “Innovation through Research” seal of approval from Stifterverband

Stifterverband is one of the largest private foundations for the promotion of science in Germany. Since 2014, it has been recognising research companies for the special responsibility they take on for the state and society with the “Innovation through Research” award.

RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH, a family company with almost 100 years of innovation behind it, now carries this seal of approval with pride. “Such an honour is a tribute to our outstanding work in research and development. Only by constantly developing can we meet the quality demands of the agricultural sector”, says Volker Stöcklin – who is responsible for design and development as part of the management team.

Precision and sustainability must be constantly improved. With patented innovations such as the MultiRate6, plant nutrition can be optimised at a small scale, and fertiliser efficiency can be significantly increased while reducing environmental damage through over-fertilisation at the same time. This results in the required increases in yields with reduced use of fertiliser and maximum protection for the climate, soil and water in an ideal way.

RAUCH is thus setting new standards in efficiency and ecology in order to meet requirements for needs-based plant nutrition.

Research is also showing no signs of slowing in the agricultural sector. A lot of investment is taking place in the area of Agriculture 4.0 in robotics and the results are being analysed for optimisations.

In order to meet the current demand for digitalisation and technology, acting with a future-oriented mindset is required. RAUCH therefore pays special attention to engaging with its own academic talent. In order to lay the foundations for the future, the experience gained in the past must be combined with today’s spirit of innovation.