RAUCH makes a dream come true

All good things come in threes. No, in the case of the Sinzheim-based company RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH, there are actually four: Number four is the construction of the new administration building, which is being built at the Baden-Airpark and with whose completion all areas of the company will once again be united at one location. On March 29,2022, those responsible for this project broke ground. He did not want to express himself too euphorically, said Managing Director Hermann Rauch - but he could not resist revealing that "today a dream comes true". After all, 13 years after the first settlement at Baden-Airpark, a circle has now been closed: In 2009, the production facility of the Sinzheim-based family business was built there, followed by the new service and technology center in 2015, and in 2018, according to RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH, the largest fertilizer spreading test hall in Europe was built at the airpark. And now, good things number four: The company, under the management of Hermann Rauch, Martin Rauch, Wilfried Müller and Volker Stöcklin, is spending around 7.5 million euros to build the new administration building to Kfw55 standard on the 4,935 square meter plot of land directly in front of the production hall. It will consist of three floors and a "hat", as Hermann Rauch called it - an upper floor as a "beautiful conference room" with a view. 120 employees will move into their workplaces in the new building. In total, according to the company, there will be about 400 Rauch employees working at the Baden-Airpark - making the company the employer that employs the most people on the Baden-Airpark site, informed Rheinmünster's mayor Helmut Pautler. With the words "It was a people's pleasure for us", he wished the company all the best for the future. And not only with the township Rheinmünster the co-operation with the new building project had functioned outstandingly (with Pautler particularly in the matter of creation of compensation areas), Hermann Rauch expressed his thanks to many involved ones. For example, Karl-Heinz Fix from the engineering office of the same name in Karlsruhe, who was basically responsible for the new building, since he had played a major role in advancing the plans for the Sinzheim site, and had also established contact with architect Rainer Diekmann, with whom they are very satisfied. With the special-purpose association for the industrial park with the regional airport in Söllingen and the Baden-Airpark GmbH, Rauch had had to work very hard on the necessary urban development contract and the change to the development plan - but in the end, Hermann Rauch was "super happy". From his own staff, Hermann Rauch singled out Philipp Hochstuhl and Hubert Deibel for their commitment to the new building.

When the new building is ready for move-in on schedule in July 2023, Rauch will have invested a total of around 33 million euros in the new site - and it will be said goodbye to Sinzheim.

Nina Ernst