Next-level precision fertilisation with the AERO 32.1

RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH is announcing the re-launch of the AERO pneumatic precision fertilizer spreader. More precision due to built-in accuracy in dosing and distribution. Regardless of the pouring and flight characteristics of the fertilizer, including the ambient conditions such as wind and slopes, the placement is always exact and precise. The pneumatic precision spreader impresses with a sharp demarcation at the field border, which promises full supply of the crop and thus a higher yield with less fertiliser used. The AERO also offers interesting application possibilities for regenerative plant cultivation. Intercrop mixtures and underseeding sowing processes can also be effectively applied on land where there is an existing crop already growing.

13 years after the last AERO came off the production line at RAUCH, the pressure from the public and the environmental and political sectors for a relaunch is growing. The prototype of the AERO 32.1 for three-point linkage has already been presented at AGRITECHNICA 2019. The year 2020 brought important insights to the development process. Use on test benches, in the spreading hall and on the field has resulted in considerable progress. Further practical tests will be carried out in spring 2021 and the first pilot series is planned to start in autumn 2021.

The new AERO 32.1 has a basic capacity of 1,900 litres, which can be increased to 3,200 litres with attachments. The AERO 32.1 also sets new standards with its new ISOBUS control system. Four boom sections are controlled either manually or remotely via section control. The innovative technology of the new hydraulically driven MultiRate dosing units allows for a separate spread rate for each of the four boom sections. This allows for even more precise application maps. The boom is designed for pendulum operation, so that the boom inclination can also be used for slope compensation. A V-position of the boom facilitates tramline change on headlands and protects the boom. In the first stage, machines with 27 and 30 m working widths are being produced, 18 m, 21 m and 24 m versions will follow. Depending on the progress of development, the schedule provides for limited production in late 2021. Full series production is scheduled to start in October 2022, when the smaller working widths will also be available.