Lime spreading now also with EMC control

The EMC technology from RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH for the AXENT largearea spreader can now also be used in lime application. With the technology of the electronic mass flow control EMC, RAUCH offers a groundbreaking concept for very precise and efficient fertiliser spreading - and this for more than 20 years, in 1999 this technology was awarded with a DLG gold medal. EMC continuously measures the torque of the spreading discs during operation and, by electronically adjusting the metering slides, enables precise application of fertilisers with a wide range of flow characteristics. This EMC control, which has been tried and tested over many years, is now also available to the RAUCH universal spreading unit of the AXENT, and thus also for lime and organic fertiliser spreading. Conventional lime spreaders work via a not very exact dosage and rarely have a regulation. As a result, accuracy in spreading is only partially guaranteed with varying densities, moisture, grain sizes and lumps with lime or inhomogeneous organic fertilisers. Proper lime application, appropriate to the soil type, is becoming increasingly important in arable farms. Proper soil pH significantly increases nutrient efficiency and drought resistance. Liming to the exact area is the optimal method for this. However, with site-specific liming via GPS, application rates can vary widely from 0 kg/ha to 3,000 kg/ha. Unregulated application does not meet the requirements for accuracy at all. With the new lime EMC control RAUCH refines the accuracy of the application rate. Lime is usually stored at the edge of the field and is exposed to severe weather conditions. During the loading process, impurities often mean that the homogeneity in the spreading material is not always given and the dosage and application accuracy suffer as a result. The Universal Power Pack is equipped with three pressure sensors, which are used to determine the torque. The dosing takes place via a combination of pre-dosing slide and belt speed. Lime-EMC first carries out an idle measurement when the machine is started. Each time the start/stop button is pressed, this is repeated in the background. The result is a permanent adjustment of the spread rate to the target rate and thus a precise conversion of the correct application rate and the application cards.
RAUCH also takes sustainability into account here. The goal and desire of farmers and contractors is a precise spreading of lime, but also of organic fertilisers such as pellets or dry compost and fermentation residues in the most varied quantities and according to application maps. Only as much spreading material as necessary is dosed in the field in the individual zone. These quantities are also precisely applied by Kalk-EMC and can be accurately documented.