• RAUCH company headquarters and administration | Baden-Airpark

    Since September 1, 2023, the headquarters, administration as well as design and development are also located in Rheinmünster in the new administration building at Baden-Airpark.

    Company headquarters and administration
    RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH
    Victoria Boulevard E 200
    77836 Rheinmünster  · Germany

    Telephone: +49 (0) 7229 8580-0
    E-Mail: info@rauch.de

  • RAUCH production | Baden-Airpark

    On 60,000 m² (45,000 m² paved area, of which 15,000 m² under roof), all RAUCH production areas: storage, sheet metal processing, welding, painting, assembly, logistics and the test hall have found a modern home under one roof.

    RAUCH is particularly proud of the new high-tech powder coating system. The innovative coating process further improves product quality and ensures the value retention of all RAUCH machines over many years.

    production site
    RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH
    Victoria Boulevard E200
    77836 Rheinmünster  · Germany


  • RAUCH test hall| Baden-Airpark

    RAUCH opens the most modern fertiliser spreader test hall in Europe in 2019.

    Test Hall
    Yellowknife Avenue D106
    77836 Rheinmünster  · Germany


  • RAUCH service- and training center | Baden-Airpark

    In 2015, the RAUCH service and training center was opened at Baden-Airpark. The new 5000 m² property unites the service departments and the training workshop of the trainees in a modern building next to the RAUCH production facility.

    Service- and Training Center
    Laval Avenue E211
    77836 Rheinmünster  · Germany