RAUCH celebrates its 100th company anniversary

As a family-owned company led now by the fourth and fifth generation, RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH can look back on a 100-year history. The great-great-grandfather Franz Rauch paved the way into agricultural technology as a master blacksmith. Today, RAUCH is an international manufacturer of fertiliser spreaders, seed drills and winter spreaders. With two core competencies, exact metering and precise spreading, RAUCH has established itself in agricultural technology.

"RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH - a family business since 1921"

The anniversary motto is characterised by the significant corporate values: tradition, precision, sustainability and innovation. This results in the demand for quality and reliability to meet the high requirements of professional agriculture for more efficiency and ecology in needs-based plant nutrition. Well over 170 active patents and numerous awards at leading national and international trade fairs testify to the company’s continuous innovative strength. RAUCH products offer a future-proof synthesis of precision, performance, high reliability, maximum comfort, clean design and practical functionality.

"From a blacksmith's shop to a modern agricultural machinery company"

In 1921, Hermann Rauch founded the Rauch Brothers factory for agricultural machines and equipment and handed it over to his three sons Gerhard Rauch, Alfred Rauch and Lothar Rauch after the war. The three brothers succeeded in leading the company to a considerable reputation in the agricultural industry. Today's generation pays the highest respect to this accomplishment.
Under the innovative management team of Hermann Rauch (Finance, human resources and production), Robert Rauch (Purchasing), Joachim Rauch (Sales and marketing) and Norbert Rauch (Research and development), the fourth generation continued to set the course for successful development in both agricultural and municipal technology. With pioneering advances in plant nutrition, the family business has become known for efficient and precise use of fertilisers and continues to strive for the top with forward-looking investments.
In 2016, the fifth generation, Martin Rauch (Production and IT), joined the management team, and Hermann Rauch (Finance), supported since 2017 by Wilfried Müller (Sales and marketing) and Volker Stöcklin (Research and development), represent a new dynamic level of management.
"Resource-efficient use of fertilisers, but at the same time increasing yields, form the challenges for the future. With a 100-year company history, we are aware of the changes in agricultural technology and strive for forward-looking changes, especially in the areas of sustainability and environmental awareness," says Managing Director Martin Rauch.

"RAUCH, your partner for precise plant nutrition and safety on the road"

Only with a steadily growing distribution network, hand in hand with RAUCH's factory representatives and dedicated importers and trade partners, has it been possible to continue to make farming efficient with RAUCH machines. Partnerships that have grown over the years are the foundation for success.
A big thank you for the commitment and solidarity goes especially to the employees of the family-owned company. Only with a motivated and qualified team can such high standards of efficiency and ecology be achieved in agriculture.