• RAUCH AXENT precision large area spreader

AXENT 100.1 - the precision large area spreader

With the AXENT 100.1 large area spreader, RAUCH offers a powerful, completely redeveloped all-rounder for cost-efficient fertiliser spreading with a tank capacity of 9,500 litres. The special feature of AXENT is that it can be used to spread granulated fertiliser at a working width of up to 50 m as well as floury organic fertiliser like lime up to 15 m with high precision.

Thanks to a quick-change system, two designated spreading modules can be safely and quickly assembled on the AXENT in only five minutes.

This saves valuable time and the efficiency of the large area spreader can be considerably increased.

Conventional large area spreaders are either designed to spread granulated fertiliser or floury fertiliser. The great disadvantage of this is that if one large area spreader is to be used to spread granulated fertiliser as well as lime, compromises are to be accepted with regard to metering and spreading accuracy. The only option for exacting farmers was the costly use of two specialised large area spreaders, one for granulated and the other for floury or organic fertiliser.

AXENT has a surprisingly simple and efficient solution to this problem.