New: AXIS 50.1 RAUCH is expanding the premium AXIS fertiliser spreader range

The new RAUCH AXIS 50.1 twin-disc fertiliser spreader with “D” or “C” types of slides complements the previously launched AXIS 50.1 W weigh cell spreader and the hydraulically driven AXIS-H 50.1 EMC+W in the efficiency category up to 4,000 kg payload and 50 m maximum working length.

AXIS 50.1 is the ideal alternative for businesses, who place importance on power of impact, high spreading precision, simple handling and a superb price/performance ratio.
RAUCH is offering the entire AXIS 50.1 family with CAT III three-point geometry as standard for the first time. Together with the maintenance-free, mechanical M-Drive cardan shaft drive with two transmissions versions, 540 or 750 rpm, the attachment is improved to accommodate powerful tractors.

The new AXIS 50.1 models are fitted with the innovative and accurate RAUCH CDA spreading technology for boom widths from 18 to 50 m. Convenient: Just one turn on the CDA setting centre is all it takes to adjust the fertiliser type and boom width. There is therefore no longer any adjustment of the spreader vanes required.

The spreading quantity is also manually set on the CDA setting centre. The large, proportional mounted DfC scale curve allows for accurate setting and the easy, predictable adjustment of the application rate. As a result, the spreading quantity can also be accurately adjusted to the respective conditions of use when used in the field without any tools.

With version D, the individual slide actions are operated via two double action hydraulic valves. Another, single action control valve is required to hydraulically operate the TELIMAT T50 fenceline system remotely. By contrast, version C with the E-Click control unit electrically controls the metering slide. With this, even tractors with few control valves can be used for professional fertilising.

The excellent quality processing, high percentage of stainless steel and elaborate powder coating preserve the function and maintain the investment value over many years.