Welcome to RAUCH service

Together we will face the future. Not only innovative technology leads to good products. Our perfectly organised service makes RAUCH products highly reliable partners for agricultural professionals. RAUCH's service employees guarantee outstanding customer service, with their professional expertise, high level of commitment and reliable customer care. Standstills cost time and money:

The RAUCH test facility team are here to answer any questions concerning spreader adjustment, monitoring and customisation, as well as fertiliser properties, spread patterns or setting charts.
Specialists in the RAUCH customer service centre will deal with all your technical questions, provide emergency assistance and coordinate operations on site.
RAUCH's spare part centre ensures a reliable supply of spare parts.
RAUCH's sales department will answer all your questions if you are interested in purchasing a fertiliser spreader and are looking for the right process. Not only that, our staff will inform you about legal guidelines and regulations on the topic fertiliser spreading, as well as bring you up to date on all our RAUCH accessories.