Privacy Policy

The protection of your personal data in the collection, processing and use during your visit to our website is central concern to us. All details about your identity, such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, account number, etc., as well as any information suitable for being traced back to you are referred to as ‘personal data’. This also includes the IP address, which is automatically transferred when you visit a website. This is absolutely necessary for technical reasons.

We would like you to know about which data we collect and when, and how we use it. We have taken technical and organisational measures to ensure that the regulations on data protection will be complied with by both ourselves and potential external service providers. In this context, we will also take account, in particular, of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) which is to be implemented as from 25/05/2018.

Personal data is collected automatically on this website only to the extent technically required.

In the following, we will provide you with information on which data will be collected while you visit the website and how we will use such data.

If you want to assert your rights (see below), please contact us as the controller responsible for data processing on this website; the relevant contact details can be found in the Legal Notice.

In case of any fundamental questions or concerns regarding data protection, please contact our external Data Protection Officer (DPO) in writing at Please also indicate our company name in the subject line to make it easier for the external DPO to assign the enquiry.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

  • Website Access

When you visit our website, your IP address and further information are transferred automatically. We automatically log any access to our website as well as any potential retrieval of any file stored on the website.

The following is logged: name of the retrieved file, date and time of retrieval, transferred volume of data, notification of successful retrieval and web browser. The IP address of the computer used to send the request is not retained. Personal user profiles can thus not be created.

Such retention serves internal system-related purposes, mainly to ensure the availability of our website, inter alia in line with Section 100 TKG (German Telecommunications Act) (Failure and Misuse of TC Systems). Moreover, the basis for such processing is point (b) of Art. 6(1) GDPR, which allows the processing of data for the performance of a contract or for taking steps prior to entering into a contract.

Please note that the telecommunications service provider itself is also obliged to retain the IP address.

Such information is not passed on to any other recipients (exception: requests from law enforcement authorities based on existing legal bases). Due to the “anonymisation” as a result of the IP address not being retained by us, such traffic data is of no relevance for data protection.

Basically, we erase the logged website accesses after a maximum period of ten weeks.

Where we want to use the transferred IP address for any further purposes, this will be explained in more detail below.

Obligation to Provide Information acc. to Art. 13 GDPR

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation, we are obliged to provide corresponding information any time personal data is collected directly from the data subject. We collect personal data from you as part of our website and would thus like to provide you with relevant information. Such data is collected, for example, where we

  • collect your IP address to provide the website by technical means;
  • use any tracking tool using the IP address;
  • receive your inputs in a contact module used by you to communicate with us.

Basic approach:

Where you have provided us with personal data, we use such data only to respond to your requests and for technical administration purposes. One exception to this is the anonymised IP address for statistical evaluation.

Your personal data is passed on to third parties or transferred otherwise only where this is necessary for the purpose of implementing a contract, especially to pass on order data to suppliers, this is required for accounting purposes, we are obliged to do so by law, within the framework of any order processing by sub-contractors or you have given your prior consent. You have the right to withdraw, at any time and with effect for the future, any consent you have previously given.

The personal data retained is erased if you withdraw your consent to such retention, if knowledge of such data is no longer required to fulfil the purpose pursued with such retention, i.e. once the process has been completed and this does not conflict with any statutory erasure obligations, or if its retention is inadmissible for any other legal reasons whatsoever. Where it is not possible for technical reasons to erase the data, we will anonymise it to ensure that it will no longer be possible to establish any personal reference in the future.

Any collection or processing of data on this website is the responsibility of the company.

Complementary detailed information can be found under the clauses below. 

Contact Forms

Where any contact is established via our website, we use the contact form to collect different personal data from you. We need the data entered in mandatory fields marked with an asterisk to ensure that your request can be handled sensibly; any other information is voluntary. This data specified by you is used to create an unencrypted e-mail directly, i.e. without intermediate storage, to the corresponding internal recipient which is transferred by you by sending it. Please note that the e-mail is unencrypted. Therefore, you should pay attention to not provide any confidential data or information in this manner.

We use such information exclusively to handle your request. To this end, we have to implement the process described above. Where this is necessary to handle your request, we involve further bodies to process your request, taking into account the applicable legal regulations (e.g. within the framework of order processing). Where your details had been transferred to us for the purpose or within the framework of any business relationship, we retain your contact details in our internal systems to this end. Your actual concern may likewise by stored in our internal systems (e.g. ticket system, e-mail system) to enable the process of internal processing.

Since we assume an unlimited business collaboration, we erase or anonymise such data only upon request (on your right to erasure: see below) or where the purpose for data retention ceases to exist, unless this conflicts with any legal retention periods or erasure periods.

By transmitting your personal data to us, you give your consent to the processing of your data according to the present Privacy Policy (consent acc. to point (a) of Art. 6(1) GDPR). Where your information is required to fulfil a business relationship (“contract”), this is the legal basis of processing.

Sales Partner Portal on Our Website

As an authorised RAUCH dealer, you can have yourself registered on our website. To this end, we need your company data, customer number, address and e-mail address (in Germany or internationally) to use additional functions and information on the website. We use the data entered in this context only for the purpose of using the respective offer or service for which you have registered. The mandatory information queried during the registration process must be indicated in full. Otherwise, we will decline the registration.

For important changes, for example to the scope of the quotation, or for technically required modifications, we use the e-mail address specified during the registration process to inform you in this way.

The data entered during the registration process is processed on the basis of your consent (point (a) of Art. 6(1) GDPR). You can withdraw at any time any consent given by you. To do so, sending us an informal message by e-mail is sufficient.

The lawfulness of the data processing prior to the withdrawal of consent will not be affected by the withdrawal.

The data gathered during the registration process will be retained by us as long as you are registered on our website and will be subsequently erased, unless this conflicts with any statutory retention periods.


If you are interested in a newsletter of our company to receive information about our company, our products and services, we need your title, first name, surname and your e-mail address. Following your subscription, our system will send you an e-mail with an activation link, which will be valid for three days and serves to confirm your subscription. In this way, we ensure that you are actually the owner of the e-mail address provided and that you agree to receiving the newsletter. You will receive the newsletter only from that date. If you do not confirm the activation link, your data will be erased automatically after three days.

You can withdraw your consent to the retention of the e-mail address and of the data specified by you in a database separated by customers as well as to its use for sending the newsletter at any time. To do so, you can find a corresponding note including a link in the newsletter.

Your consent to the subscription/unsubscription is ensured using the double opt-in process. In this process, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the recipient. Sending of the newsletter will be enabled only after this has been confirmed by the activation link.

Your e-mail address is used only to handle the newsletter subscription. Where required, we make use of service providers within the framework of the legal stipulations to provide the service (e.g. as processors). In case of any unsubscription from the newsletter (withdrawal of the consent for the future), your data will be erased or anonymised within three days.

Processing of the data entered in the newsletter subscription form is exclusively based on your consent (point (a) of Art. 6(1) GDPR).


Cookies are used at several points on the websites. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer and saved by your browser. The can have various different functions: Cookies allow for convenient use of the Internet by the user. By placing cookies, the Internet can develop some sort of memory, i.e. the website memorises, for example, that a user has already accessed the website before, making it dispensable to log in once again on an encrypted website. Cookies also allow to identify a complex usage and browsing behaviour. They can store information on the usage behaviour and transfer it to the user. In this way, using cookies enables profiling, which is to be criticised under data protection legislation.

Cookies are mainly used in the field of online marketing where personalised advertising is intended to be placed. The activities intended to allow for target group-oriented displaying of advertising on websites is summarised under the heading of “targeting“. A further development of this advertising strategy is called ‘retargeting’, where a provider / an advertiser uses a tracking cookie to highlight the customers when they visit the company-own website and then keeps track of them on their stroll through the Internet, regularly displaying its own advertising to them on third-party websites in the form of banners to systematically remind them of its own products.

We do not use cookies for “targeting” on our website.

Most of the cookies used by us are so-called “session cookies”. These are deleted automatically at the end of your visit. For any special details about a cookie used at specific times of use, please refer to other points in this Privacy Policy or to the dialogue/banner messages.

You can set your browser to inform you when cookies are being placed and to only allow cookies on a case-by-case basis, to refuse cookies in certain cases or in general, and to activate the automatic deletion of cookies when the browser is closed. Deactivating cookies may limit the full functionality of this website.

Cookies that are required for the execution of the electronic communication process or for the provision of certain features requested by you are retained based on point (f) of Art. 6(1) GDPR (“processing to safeguard a legitimate interest”). The website operator has a legitimate interest in the retention of cookies for the technically smooth and optimised provision of their services. Where other cookies (e.g. cookies for analysis of your browsing behaviour) are stored, these are addressed separately in this Privacy Policy.

Links to Other Websites

Our offer contains links to external third-party websites, on the contents of which we do not have any influence. We therefore cannot accept any liability for such third-party contents. The provider or operator of the linked websites is responsible for their content. The linked websites were reviewed for potential legal violations at the time of linking. No unlawful contents were identifiable at the time of linking. However, we cannot reasonably be expected to permanently monitor the contents of the linked websites without concrete indications of an infringement. If we become aware of infringements, we will remove such links immediately. Please take note of the privacy policies of the third parties whose websites are linked to.

Your Rights - Data Subject Rights acc. to the GDPR

Art. 12 - 23 GDPR govern the rights of the data subject, i.e. your rights regarding the handling of your personal data. In your relationship to use, these mainly include:

  • right to information as of the time of collection at the latest acc. to Art. 13 GDPR, with which we comply by this Privacy Policy;
  • right of access acc. to Art. 15 GDPR;
  • right to erasure acc. to Art. 17 GDPR;
  • right to restriction of processing acc. to Art. 18 GDPR;
  • right to object acc. to Art. 21 GDPR;
  • where applicable: right to data portability acc. to Art. 20 GDPR.

We will support you in line with the GDPR and further legal regulations to ensure that you can assert your rights.

If you have any enquiries regarding the exercise of your rights, please contact the body specified in the Legal Notice. We appreciate your understanding for the fact that we can provide personal information, including in the interests of the rights of other individuals, only if you can reasonably prove your identity. Therefore, we prefer the following way:

We will be pleased to respond to your concern upon written request. To this end, you will receive a registered letter with the corresponding documents from us. Please also specify your contact details (e-mail address and/or phone number) for potential enquiries.

Moreover, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority in charge. Generally, the supervisory authority in charge is the State Data Protection Officer of the federal state where our company is based, i.e., in our case, the State Data Protection Officer of Baden-Württemberg. A list of the data protection officers and of their contact details can be found using the following link:

Use of Social Media Plug-Ins

By using our website, you give your consent to the use of the specified social media plug-ins, which is deemed the legal basis of processing.

  • Facebook Plug-Ins

Our website uses social plug-ins (“plug-ins”) provided by, a social network operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). These plug-ins are marked either with a Facebook logo or with the “Facebook Social Plug-In” addition. An overview of the Facebook plug-ins is provided here:

When you access any website of our online presence that contains such a plug-in, your browser establishes a direct connection to the servers of Facebook while transmitting, inter alia, your IP address. The plug-in content is directly transferred by Facebook to your browser and then embedded into the website by your browser.

By embedding the plug-in, Facebook is informed that you have accessed the relevant website of our online presence. If you are logged into Facebook at that time, Facebook is able to assign the visit to your Facebook account. If you interact with the plug-ins, for example by clicking on the “Like” button or leaving a comment, the corresponding information is directly transferred by your browser to Facebook and retained there.

Please note that we, as the website provider, do not have any knowledge of the content of the data transferred and its use by Facebook. For more information, please refer to the Facebook privacy policy available at

If you want to prevent Facebook from collecting data on you via our online presence, you need to log off from Facebook before visiting our online presence. You can prevent any transfer of your IP address by not accessing our websites. If you continue using our website, you agree to this practice.

  • Google Plus Plug-In

Our online presence uses the “+1” button of Google Plus, a social network operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States (Google). The button can be recognised by the “+1” symbol on a white or coloured background.

When you access any website of our online presence that contains such a button, your browser establishes a direct connection to the servers of Google. The content of the “+1” button is directly transferred by Google to your browser and then embedded into the website by your browser. Therefore, we do not have any influence on the amount of the data collected using that button. According to Google, no personal data is collected if the button is not clicked. Such data, including, but not limited to, the IP address, is collected and processed only from the members logged in.

For more information on the purpose and extent of data collection and on the further processing and use of the data by Google as well as on your related rights and privacy protection setting options, please refer to the Google privacy notices on the “+1” button:

If you are a member of Google Plus and want to prevent Google from collecting data about your person and associating it with your saved Google member data through our online presence, you must log out from Google Plus before visiting our online presence. You can prevent any transfer of your IP address by not accessing our websites.

  • YouTube Plug-in

On our website, we use the YouTube video platform which is operated by YouTube LLC, 901 Cherry Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066, USA (“YouTube”). YouTube is a platform enabling users to playback audio and video files. When you access any website of our online presence, the YouTube player embedded in this website establishes a connection to YouTube to ensure the technical transmission of the video or of the audio file. While the connection to YouTube is established, data is transferred to YouTube. Please note that we have will not be provided with any knowledge of the content of the transferred data and of its use by YouTube. To obtain information about the handling of your data by YouTube as well as about your related rights and setting options regarding the protection of your privacy, please refer to the YouTube websites.

Use of Web Analysis Programmes

By using our website, you give your consent to the use of the specified web analysis programmes which, besides the “legitimate interest” acc. to point (f) of Art. 6(1) GDPR, is deemed the legal basis of processing. If any objection link is enabled, or by setting the browser configurations accordingly, you can asset your objection for the future.

We do not us such data to identify the website visitor, but basically for statistical purposes to optimise our web offering. In doing so, it is important for us to know, amongst other things, how anonymised visitors navigate on our website. The IP address is always abbreviated in such a way that it will no longer be possible to identify the data subject.

The data is passed on only in case that any service provider is involved in the obtainment or analysis of the information within any order processing acc. to Art. 28 GDPR.

Due to the IP addresses being anonymised, there is no longer any “personal data” available as from that moment.

  • Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses so-called “cookies”, i.e. text files stored on your computer and allowing to analyse how you use our website. The information generated by the cookie about your use of this website is usually transferred to a Google server in the USA and stored there.

The Google Analytics cookies are retained on the basis of point (f) of Art. 6(1) GDPR. The website operator has a legitimate interest in the analysis of the (anonymised) user behaviour in order to optimise both its web offering and its advertisement.

The stipulations of the EU regarding data protection require IP anonymisation by abbreviating the IP address, which has also been established by us accordingly. This is ensured by technical means within member states of the European Union or in other signatory states to the Agreement on the European Economic Area before any further transfer takes place. To this end, an order processing agreement has been concluded with the Google service provider in the EU member state.

Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and abbreviated there. Google will use this information on behalf of the operator of this website to analyse your use of the website, to compile reports about the website activities and to provide the website operator with further services associated with the use of this website and of the Internet. The IP address transferred from your browser within the framework of Google Analytics will not be amalgamated with other data from Google. By changing your browser software settings accordingly, you can prevent the cookies from being stored; however, we point out that you may not have full access to all website functions in this case. In addition, you can prevent the data generated by the cookie and relating to your use of the website (including your IP address) from being transmitted to and being processed by Google by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available at the following link (

You can prevent Google Analytics from collecting your data by clicking on the link below. An opt-out cookie is placed which prevents the future collection of your data when visiting this website:

For more information on the terms of service and data protection, please see or

We point out to you once again that Google Analytics was extended by the „gat._anonymizeIp();“ code on this website to ensure anonymised collection of IP addresses (so-called “IP masking”).

  • Google Maps

At some points, we enable you to use the “Display map with Google Maps” function to display the company’s location on a map. By confirming the link, you will leave our website and will be directed to Google Maps of Google Inc.

We would like to inform you that, in this case, Google will automatically collect further personal data from you and that you give your consent to such processing by using this service. For details, please refer to the Terms of Service of Google Maps, available at Google Maps Terms of Servicer.

Safety instruction

We work hard to retain your personal data in such a way that they cannot be accessed by third parties, using all the technical and organisational possibilities. In case of any communication via an unencrypted e-mail, we cannot guarantee complete data security, so we recommend communication by an encrypted medium or by mail where any confidential information is transferred.