RAUCH wins Silver Medals at Agrosalon in Moscow

automatic metering system and the fully automatic AXMAT duo spreading pattern control and regulation, RAUCH has now presented the self-adjusting AXIS-H 50.2 EMC+W fertiliser spreader for the first time at Agrosalon in Russia.
In contrast to the competitors the RAUCH 2-disc-fertiliser spreader works with one EMC-metering unit for each metering slide separately, that means with two separate metering systems. The only product of its kind in fertiliser spreading technology: With the EMC system, the RAUCH fertiliser spreader measures the flow of fertiliser separately at each metering slide. Spreading errors due to non-uniform fertiliser quality are detected and corrected immediately. This means that even low-quality fertilisers have a very high level of metering precision on both sides.

Even with the distribution of valuable fertiliser granulates, RAUCH leaves nothing to chance. With the innovative AXMAT duo spreading pattern sensor, RAUCH AXIS spreaders monitor the application of the fertiliser separately on the right and left sides fully automatically. The spreading patterns are scanned at each spreading disc separately using the most modern radar technology. Any spreading errors are recognised immediately by the 54 radar sensors and are compensated for by the electrically operated spreading technology. Apart from a one-off manual calibration of the AXMAT spreading width sensors, the intelligent system works completely automatically.

It’s hard to imagine a simpler, safer and more efficient highly-precise fertiliser spreading process. With the harmonious connection of fertiliser spreading, the EMC automatic metering system and the AXMAT duo spreading pattern sensor, the fertilising technology specialists RAUCH push the boundaries when it comes to challenging plant nutrition.