RAUCH builds Europe’s most modern fertiliser spreading test hall

With the groundbreaking of the site for Europe’s most modern and longest fertiliser spreader test hall, the RAUCH Management Team, consisting of Hermann and Martin RAUCH, Wilfried Müller and Volker Stöcklin, set another important milestone in the expansion and innovation strategy of the successful family company. RAUCH has invested 2.5 million euros in total for the completion of the new test hall at their site at Baden Airpark, Rheinmünster, in early 2019.

The most modern, digital testing and analysing technologies spread over a surface area of 1,235 square metres in total, allows for the completely automatic evaluation of spreading trials. The centrepiece is the new RAUCH test robot. 90 fully automatic weigh cells make up the total expansion of the fertiliser spreader distribution in three dimensions: in lateral, longitudinal and quantity distribution with a working width of up to 75 m. In the new RAUCH test hall, 250 tons of fertiliser will be spread and tested every year. Alongside classic, mineral fertilisers, RAUCH will also test and optimise the distribution of biofertilisers.

The three-dimensional spreading patterns from the RAUCH test hall are the basis for complex spreading simulations which are needed for highly precise, automated fertiliser spreading in the field. The RAUCH fertiliser spreader can be set to the various spreading materials and application situations even more precisely thanks to the new quality of the test results. With the new test hall, RAUCH can meet the high requirements of the professional agricultural industry for a higher level of efficiency and ecology in needs-based plants nutrition in an ideal way. At the same time, the future security of the RAUCH plant is strengthened in the long run.