Celebratory opening of the new RAUCH test facility

To the applause of numerous guests from the worlds of politics and business, on 9 May 2019, the new RAUCH 3D test facility for the distribution of granulates was opened at the Baden Airpark in Rheinmünster. “The company RAUCH has stood for reliable technology and maximum precision in the dosing and distribution of fertilisers and seeds for more than 95 years. I am pleased that with the construction of this test facility, we are confidently continuing with this tradition,” explained Managing Director Hermann Rauch on the occasion of the opening event.

With an investment sum of almost 2.5 million Euros, Baden Airpark is now home to the most modern testing facility in Europe. The spreading area of the fully air-conditioned hall covers an expanse of almost 1235 square metres alone, enabling working widths of up to 75 m. 88 collecting trays with fully automatic high-speed weigh cells guarantee very fast and absolutely precise results for all the available RAUCH fertiliser spreader models, as well as for future new developments.

The benefit for all RAUCH customers: For each RAUCH spreader model there are even more precise specifications for the optimum setting - and for an exceptional variety of spreading materials and operating conditions. Through this precision fertilisation, the farmer is able to save up to 10% during the fertiliser application and therefore protect the environment.

“We are happy and somewhat proud that with this new test facility we are able to set new standards with the development and adjustment-based optimisation of our innovative fertiliser spreaders. This is something that farmers and the environment will benefit from in equal measure,” emphasized member of the RAUCH executive team, Volker Stöcklin. Some 3,000 spreading tests are to be carried out in the new hall per year.