Minister of Agriculture Peter Hauk visits RAUCH

When it comes to securing the world’s food supplies in the future, the agricultural technology used plays a decisive role. On the one hand, a constantly growing global population requires a continuous increase in agricultural production. On the other hand, valuable resources such as soil, seeds, fertiliser and pesticides must be used with a high degree of efficiency and sustainability, in order to protect the climate, water and the environment.

The Minister of Agriculture Peter Hauk (Baden-Württemberg) was able to see for himself how RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH, an internationally successful company, are preparing themselves for the future during a visit to the fertiliser spreading technology specialists at the Baden Airpark in Rheinmünster.

“It is important to supply each individual plant with precisely the right nutrients that they need for vital growth. No more, but also no less,” explains the RAUCH Management Team, which includes Hermann and Martin Rauch, as well as Wilfried Müller and Volker Stöcklin. Only in this way can the requirement: “More productivity in plant production with more environmental protection” be fulfilled in the future.

RAUCH has just invested 2.5 million Euro in Europe’s largest and most modern fertiliser spreader test hall. With high-tech 3D analysis procedures with spreading robots, RAUCH can supply farmers even better with specific settings for the fertiliser spreaders and over 3,000 types of spreading material, from mineral fertilisers through to organic biofertilisers. RAUCH customers all around the world are already benefiting from the RAUCH smartphone app, as they are able to request data whilst they are out in the field and transfer it automatically to the fertiliser spreader. A quicker and safer precise setting of an agricultural machine is hard to imagine.

Minister Hauk was clearly impressed by the high level of investment that we have put into research and development. Each year, RAUCH invests 8% of its turnover into this area. In the meantime, RAUCH has been developing hard and software for future technologies on its own. The result: In 42 countries all over the world, demanding farmers and agricultural contractors place their trust in the high quality of RAUCH products. 150 international patents and numerous awards at leading international trade fairs are testament to the unbroken innovative power and future sustainability of the company.