RAUCH extends its executive board

Since 1 February 2017, Wilfried Müller (46) has joined the RAUCH executive board consisting of Norbert, Hermann and Martin Rauch. Mr Müller assumes responsibility for the area of sales and marketing.

RAUCH is pleased to have gained a competent and experi­enced executive manager with Mr Müller. In the past nine years, the graduate business economist was executive manager with the municipal technology manufacturer Gmeiner and, since 2012, active in the management body of Giletta SpA.

In the past two years, additionally, Mr Müller was responsible for the construction of the international service organisation of Bucher-Municipal-Winter group. Thanks to his broad experience in sales and service as well as his strong leadership skills, Mr Müller is ideally qualified for leading RAUCH into a successful future.

With Martin Rauch and Wilfried Müller, RAUCH continues to follow the path of a generation change in and a rejuvenation of its executive management. Our executive manager Dr Norbert Rauch, who has been responsible for the area of sales and marketing until now, will continue to concentrate on his previous core area of construction, research and development.