Further rejuvenation of the RAUCH executive management

RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH further strengthens and rejuvenates their executive management team in a consistent manner.

On 31 July 2017, Dr Norbert Rauch (66) passes the responsibility for the “Technology” business unit on to the previous head of development, Volker Stöcklin. Dr Rauch changes over to the family advisory committee and, from there, assists the further development of the company together with his brother Joachim.

Mr Stöcklin will be granted a Prokura [special power of attorney under German law] and becomes a member of the executive management. The young and powerful RAUCH management team consisting of Hermann Rauch (finances/human resources/production), Wilfried Müller (sales/marketing/customer service), Martin Rauch (IT/production systems/quality management) and Volker Stöcklin (technology) has the competency, experience and the necessary vision to lead the traditional family company with its 381 employees and a turnover of EUR 64 million into a safe future.

With the new composition of the executive management team, Rauch believes to be in an ideal position to successfully face the future challenges in agriculture posed by globalisation, digitalisation and the climate change.