"The future is a given, however, any progress we make is down to us."

  • 2019
    With an investment sum of almost 2.5 million Euros, Baden Airpark is now home to the most modern testing facility in Europe.
  • 2018
    Mit dem ersten Spatenstich für Europas modernste und längste Düngerstreuer-Testhalle setzt RAUCH einen wichtigen Meilenstein in der Innovationsstrategie des Familienunternehmens.
  • 2018
    With the groundbreaking of the site for Europe’s most modern and longest fertiliser spreader test hall, RAUCH sets an important milestone in the innovation strategy of the family company. RAUCH has invested a total of 2.5 million euros into the completion of the new test hall in early 2019.
  • 2018
    RAUCH won the silver medal at Agrosalon 2018. The RAUCH innovations EMC automatic metering system and AXMAT spreading pattern sensor were awarded prizes.
  • 2017
    RAUCH won the silver medal at AGRITECHNICA 2017. The stand-out concept was “AGRIROUTER” - a joint development under the umbrella of DKE.
  • 2017
    Dr.h.c. Norbert Rauch received the Award of Merit at the International Conference on Agricultural Engineering Land.Technik AgEng 2017.
  • 2017
    On the 31st July 2017, Dr.h.c. Norbert Rauch passed on the responsibility for the “Technology” division to the former Head of Development, Volker Stöcklin. Volker Stöcklin was given the power of procuration for this division.
  • 2017
    Dr.h.c. Norbert Rauch transferred over to the Family Advisory Council and from there supports the further development of the company alongside his brother Joachim.
  • 2017
    Since 1 February 2017, Wilfried Müller has joined the RAUCH executive board consisting of Norbert, Hermann and Martin Rauch. Mr Müller assumes responsibility for the area of sales and marketing.
  • 2016
    As the first member of the 4th generation, Martin Rauch is appointed the next Managing Director as of 1st January 2016
  • 2015
    At the AGRITECHNICA 2015, RAUCH is again awarded a gold medal. The award is received for the "Connected Nutrient Management" innovation
  • 2015
    On 1st August 2015, Managing Director Joachim Rauch duly passed on his responsibility in the field of sales/marketing to his younger brother Dr. h.c. Norbert Rauch.
  • 2013
    RAUCH celebrates the "50 Years Disc Spreader" anniversary
  • 2013
    With AXMAT, RAUCH makes the dream of the self-adjusting fertiliser spreader come true. AXMAT is awarded the gold medal at Agritechnica 2013.
  • 2012
    Already 6 years after its market launch, the 20,000th RAUCH AXIS fertiliser spreader is manufactured
  • 2012
    With E-Click, RAUCH offers a new and convenient electrical operating system for all MDS and AXIS fertiliser spreaders. At the Bavarian Central Agricultural Festival (ZLF) in Munich, the E-Click electrical metering slide actuator receives the award for innovation of the Association of Bavarian Farmers and the Bavarian Agricultural Weekly Magazine
  • 2011
    RAUCH celebrates their 90th company anniversary.
  • 2011
    RAUCH is awarded silver at Demopark for their new spreading computer QUANTRON-A for UKS box spreaders.
  • 2011
    November - RAUCH is awarded the AGRITECHNICA silver medal for GPS control, the automatic headland and section control.
  • 2009
    Together with five other agricultural machinery manufacturers, RAUCH is awarded gold at Agritechnica 2009 for the new CCI terminal.
  • 2009
    September - Move to the new factory based in Rheinmünster-Söllingen at Baden-Airpark airport. All departments involved in assembly are now located under one roof. Being in such close proximity of one another, all departments work hand in hand. Thanks to perfectly coordinated process flows, RAUCH products can be manufactured even more efficiently.
  • 2009
    At the Demopark trade fair, RAUCH receives the silver medal for their new spreading computer QUANTRON-K for AXEO spreaders used for winter services
  • 2007
    At Agritechnica 2007, RAUCH is awarded the gold medal for their innovative EDR system. The electrical drive of the AXIS fertiliser spreader sets new standards in the areas of comfort, environmental protection, performance and resource savings.
  • 2005
    RAUCH is awarded a silver medal at Agritechnica 2005 for the new and innovative CDA spreading system in the new fertiliser spreader AXIS. By means of this spreading system, used to keep quantities consistent, precision farming delivers exactly what it says: Precise efficiency
  • 2003
    RAUCH brings the new pneumatic precision spreader AGT 6036, with a working width of 36m, to the market.
    The modern 6-fold section control is awarded a silver medal at Agritechnica 2003
  • 2001
    The AXERA-H EMC receives its fourth gold medal at the EIMA trade fair in Bologna
  • 2000
    The AXERA-H EMC is also a hit in Belgium and is awarded the "golden palm" at the Agribex agricultural trade show in Brussels in 2000. Once again, the AXERA-H EMC takes the gold at both the SIMA (Paris) and FIMA (Spain) trade fairs
  • 1999
    RAUCH presents the new electronic flow control equipment EMC for AXERA-H EMC. The EMC is awarded the gold medal at the 1999 Agritechnica trade fair
  • 1997
    The AXERA-H, a new generation of fertiliser spreaders based on a hydraulic drive concept is awarded a silver medal at the 1997 Agritechnica trade fair
  • 1993
    Presentation of the new pneumatic drill machine VENTA-AL
    Move into the sowing technology industry. In the same year, the pneumatic drill machine VENTA-AL is awarded a silver medal at the SIMA agricultural show in Paris
  • 1991
    DELTA is awarded 20 x "very good" and 8 x "good" in the international comparative test
  • 1987
    For the first time, a working width of 36 m was achieved with the 2-disc hydraulic fertiliser spreader DELTA.
  • 1985
    The fertiliser spreader test facility provides ideal conditions for research and development
  • 1984
    As the first fertiliser spreader manufacturer, RAUCH introduces electronic fertiliser dosing in the market with the electronic dosing system QUANTRON
  • 1983
    The first RAUCH pneumatic fertiliser spreader is delivered
  • 1978
    Expansion of production capacities by setting up factory II in Bühl
  • 1973
    As the first manufacturer of fertiliser spreaders, RAUCH supplies a 2-disc fertiliser spreader with a working width of 24 m.
  • 1962
    Series production of disc fertiliser spreaders is launched
  • 1932
    Development and manufacturing of a fertiliser spreader for small and medium-sized businesses
  • 1921
    Establishment of the "Fabrik für landwirtschaftliche Maschinen Gebrüder RAUCH" [RAUCH Bros. factory for agricultural machinery], which today is known as "RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH," based in Sinzheim.