EMC: The intelligent automatic metering system

EMC animation

AXIS H EMC-2- animation

A brief explanation of EMC

EMC | Brilliant principles 

  • Physical principles: The drive speed of the spreading discs is directly proportional to the fertiliser mass flow. Or, to put it more simply: The weight of the fertiliser in the spreading vane is determined by measuring the forward speed of the spreading disc.
  • EMC is not restricted by the type and bulk weight of the fertiliser, as EMC measures the weight of the fertiliser – whether it is 10 kg of urea or 10 kg of potash, it’s always 10 kg of fertiliser.
  • EMC always ensures the correct metering slide setting.
  • EMC permanently measures the right and left spreading discs independently from each other.
  • EMC documents the actual weight as precisely as a set of scales
  • Calibration is therefore not necessary

EMC | Advantages 

  • EMC meters the left and right sides separately.
  • EMC continues to measure even if there are vibrations and slopes
  • EMC is an online metering system and reacts immediately and quickly
  • EMC measures and controls the different application rates on the right and left when spreading in wedges with VariSpread.