Season tips 2022

The spreading season 2022 is just around the corner and you would like to start the season with your RAUCH fertiliser spreader? With our new season tips we would like to support you with your fertiliser application.

With our tips & tricks, arranged by our RAUCH service team, nothing stands in way for a smooth fertiliser season. According the motto: “fertilise correctly – harvest richly!”


Tips and Tricks

  • tips and tricks

    If you don´t protect, you quickly drive at the limit!

    Some fertilisers are extremely aggressive to paints and surfaces. Therefore, it is important to take the right care of RAUCH products before start-up. Just as you put cream on your hands to protect them from dry or cracked skin, you should also protect your spreader from rust and other external effects. Your machine will also appreciate good care and will thank you for it.

    It’s important that you take care of your products before the beginning of the season: Because "before the season is after the season". Volker Rathmer, Sales Manager from RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik, has created a great video tutorial for you with the topic: Waschen & Einwintern (Link)

    On our partner portal for our RAUCH service partners, we provide additional checklists for pre-season checks, as well as helping and care products. Please do not hesitate to contact your RAUCH service partner. As you can see, it all comes up to the right care. Because conservation will not only keep the beauty of your spreader, as well the function.