RAUCH again one of the top ten agricultural technology companies with the best image

In 2014, DLG [German Agricultural Society] conducted a survey among leading German farmers on the brand image of manufacturers of agricultural technology. The results of the DLG survey were recently published in the Eilbote 14/2015 in various categories: evaluation based on region, based on the age of the people surveyed and based on company size.

After getting into the top ten of the DLG image barometer 2013 in the categories Innovation and Internet Presence, RAUCH was among the top ten international manufacturers of agricultural technology in several categories in 2014.

Company managers in the North, the management of large enterprises and older farmers count RAUCH among the ten manufacturers with the best image. In this way, RAUCH was able to assert their position as a specialist for fertiliser technology and as a niche manufacturer in the group of major manufacturers and companies for agricultural technology.