State premier Kretschmann visits Rauch Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Baden-Airpark, 13 May 2015

During his visit to the administrative district of Rastatt, state premier Winfried Kretschmann took the opportunity to visit RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH.

The RAUCH management welcomed the delegation consisting of state premier Kretschmann, district administrator Bäuerle, member of the Bundestag Katzmarek, member of the parliament of Baden-Württemberg Wald, the mayors Mr Pautler (Rheinmünster) and Mr Demelt (Hügelsheim) and other state and local politicians at the RAUCH-Forum at Baden-Airpark. After a company presentation by Joachim Rauch, state premier Kretschmann personally convinced himself of the quality and efficiency of RAUCH’s innovative fertiliser technology with state-of-the-art GPS system during a tractor ride on a fertiliser spreader.

In the subsequent factory tour with Norbert Rauch, state premier Kretschmann was impressed by the high standards regarding sustainability and occupational safety in the RAUCH production and assembly plants. At the fully automatic small-parts warehouse, Mr Kretschmann started an order on his own and to everyone’s surprise, the robot immediately handed him a model of a RAUCH large area fertiliser spreader as a gift.

In his farewell speech, state premier Kretschmann praised RAUCH’s exemplary commitment not only to climate protection. He called RAUCH’s cooperation with the biogas plant Graf in Schwarzach, the in-house photovoltaic system with 440 kWp and the emission-free powder-coating unit pioneering milestones for more sustainability in medium-sized companies.