Belgium: AXIS-M 30.1 EMC receives innovation award

At La Foire de Libramont, the largest Belgian open-air exhibition, RAUCH was the only manufacturer of fertiliser spreaders to be awarded a price.

During the machine presentation, the exhibition jury presented the coveted award to RAUCH export manager Elke Pankow.

The award-winning AXIS-M 30.1 EMC fertiliser spreader is the first fertiliser spreader mechanically driven by a universal drive shaft for which the fully-automatic EMC flow measurement and control can be used.

The innovation: EMC checks and regulates the fertiliser flow in a fully automatic manner separately through the left and right metering slides. For flow measurement, RAUCH uses newly developed torsion sensors calculating the actual application rate based on the torsion of the drive shafts. In addition, EMC is resistant against slopes and strong vibrations during fertiliser spreading. EMC increases the dosing precision in comparison to conventional weighing spreaders in the cost-intensive fertilisation.