EMC: The innovative electronic dosing system for all who want more

RAUCH AXIS EMC - Animation (english)

The exclusive characteristic of the EMC (electronic mass flow control and regulation) for hydraulically-powered AXIS-H fertiliser spreaders is the separate monitoring and regulation of dosing quantities, on both the left and right sides.

The EMC displays a speed-dependent flow measurement and regulation for solids. A calibration test is not required, as even in the case of unknown fertiliser properties, the control system determines both the correct flow factor for the right and left slide openings in a matter of seconds and adjusts the metering slides separately.

  • The EMC calibrates itself

Even the smallest deviations from the set flow rate cause a new slide position to be calculated and reached automatically. Changes to fertiliser flow capacity due to weather conditions and fertiliser quality, among other factors, are automatically compensated.

Intelligent regulation electronics calibrate the entire system in short, regular intervals.

  • Excellent foundations:

The fertiliser flow is proportional to the drive torque of the spreader discs.

  • The result:

Whether on a steep slope, at high working speeds or on frozen ground, the AXIS-H EMC also doses fertiliser under extreme conditions with high levels of accuracy.